‘No way around it’ – VAR made mistake in Celtic’s win over Hearts, referees say

‘No way around it’ – VAR made mistake in Celtic’s win over Hearts, referees say

VAR has not been well received in Scottish football, with many Celtic fans in favor of abandoning the technology.

James Forrest Celtic
April 28, 2024; Dens Park, Dundee, Scotland; Scottish Premiership football, Dundee v Celtic; Celtic’s James Forrest on the ball

The introduction of technology was aimed at helping referees make the right decisions on the pitch, especially in crucial moments.

However, the system has become a central topic of debate among supporters, players and managers, after a series of errors this season.

In this week’s episode of the Behind the Whistles podcast, former SFA Grade 1 referees Des Roache and Steve Conroy discussed a controversial incident during Celtic’s 3-0 win over Hearts.

They highlighted a sloppy challenge by Hearts midfielder Dexter Lembikisa on Celtic’s James Forrest, which they said should have been a red card. The incident bore a striking resemblance to a previous challenge by Yang at Tynecastle, which resulted in a red card. We have written about this, calling out the inconsistencies in VAR.

Roache expressed surprise at the lack of coverage from major sports broadcasters in highlight shows. “I was really surprised, first of all, that it wasn’t highlighted in any of the highlights programs, so to speak, whether it was on the BBC or Sky, etc.,” he said. he declares.

“I wasn’t really aware of it until we spoke this morning. I don’t really see any difference between this challenge and Yang’s challenge at Tynecastle. It’s pretty much the same challenge.

“And if you have your studs up to a player, look, we all said it was a red card for Yang, if we want to be consistent and we want to be plausible and credible as commentators, then it’s a red card.” map.”

Conroy agreed, pointing out the inconsistency: “Yes, there’s no way around it. It’s a red card. We definitely had to bring up a case when we said Yang should be sent off, but we’re seeing the exact same tackle this time, so it should have the same result.

“It should have been a red card. And I agree, I don’t know why it didn’t go to VAR.

These referees also questioned whether McGregor should have seen red during the match.

The monitoring of VAR in this case adds to a growing list of grievances associated with the use of this technology in the league. Critics say VAR appears too keen to intervene in some cases, such as awarding penalties or issuing red cards, but it misses similar incidents elsewhere, raising questions about its effectiveness and its consistency.

The challenge against James Forrest came the same week when the SFA’s independent committee claimed Yang had been rightly sent off for his high boot, adding an extra layer of frustration to the incident.