AT&T Sends Data Breach Notification Letters, Offering Only Limited Fraud Protection

AT&T Sends Data Breach Notification Letters, Offering Only Limited Fraud Protection

AT&T Data Breach Security Update Notice

AT&T began notifying current and former customers affected by the data breach through emails sent several weeks ago, and reports suggest that postal letters began being sent around April 25, 2024.

Mass emails were sent to millions of current AT&T telephone and Internet customers from [email protected], which detailed how their account passcodes had been automatically reset. However, many of these data breach notification emails were intercepted by spam filters or did not reach the individuals whose personal information was exposed.

The notices encouraged customers to update their access codes as a precaution by visiting their site and following the set of instructions below;

  1. Go to your myAT&T profile. Log in, if asked. (If additional security is enabled and you can’t sign in, choose Get a new password).
  2. Scroll down to My Linked Accounts.
  3. Select Change for the password you want to update.
  4. Follow the prompts to finish.

AT&T also recommended that customers take certain steps to remain vigilant by monitoring their account activity and credit reports, and that individuals whose information was confirmed stolen would be offered free credit monitoring services for a limited duration.

AT&T Credit Monitoring Notice

For many customers whose information was confirmed to have been stolen and posted on the dark web, additional notices were sent via email and mail, explaining:

  • What happened
  • What information was stolen
  • What AT&T does
  • What you can do, and
  • How to benefit from free credit monitoring for a year


How do I sign up for Experian free credit monitoring?

In the data breach notice, AT&T says it will offer customers whose information was stolen and posted on the dark web a free one-year subscription to Experian EnsureWorks to monitor fraudulent activity.

The service includes an insurance policy with coverage of up to $1 million. This policy can help cover costs associated with recovering from identity theft. These costs may include legal fees, lost wages, or other expenses directly related to restoring a stolen identity.

Customers are advised that they have until August 30, 2024 to register for their Experian EnsureWorks membership before their activation code permanently expires.

How to Sign Up for Free AT&T Credit Monitoring and Identify Theft Protection

Lawsuits against AT&T seek additional damages and credit monitoring

AT&T’s offer of just one year of credit monitoring has been widely criticized as insufficient by victims, who say the potential for harm extends well beyond that limited period.

Several data breach lawsuits against AT&T filed to date highlight how the risks associated with data breaches are long-lasting and can emerge years after the initial incident, and that AT&T customers who have been compromised are entitled to damages real estate, extensive credit monitoring and other monetary relief.

The situation is further complicated by AT&T customer experiences reported by some individuals, who have already experienced identity theft and fraud as a direct result of the breach. Many of these victims seek legal representation to recover their actual damages, which include both the out-of-pocket expenses incurred in dealing with the fraud and the broader financial consequences.

AT&T Class Action Lawyers Review Cases Nationwide

Given the common factual and legal issues raised in a growing number of lawsuits against AT&T filed throughout the federal court system, a motion for transfer (PDF) has been filed with the U.S. Judicial Committee on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML ) late last month, requesting that the claims be filed. throughout the federal district court system, for pre-trial proceedings before a judge in an AT&T MDL data breach lawsuit (multi-district litigation).

As the scale and scope of litigation continues to increase, AT&T data breach attorneys are offering free consultations and claims evaluations to individuals whose identities have been stolen or suffered losses due to the AT&T data breach.

To determine whether you or a loved one may be eligible for a data breach settlement from AT&T, submit information about your potential claim for review by an attorney to determine whether a settlement or payment to pursue may be available. There are no fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained in your case.