Ric Flair’s heated altercation with bar worker caught on camera, fight almost ensues

Ric Flair’s heated altercation with bar worker caught on camera, fight almost ensues

Rick Flair nearly handed out doggy-locks outside a Florida pizzeria after a heated argument at the bar ended with a challenge to fight in the parking lot…and the whole ordeal was caught on camera!

The 3-minute video shows an agitated Nature Boy arguing with a manager at Piesanos restaurant in Gainesville, Florida, before another customer intervenes and threatens Flair with physical violence.

“Come outside and talk to me like a man,” Ric told the manager he was speaking with, before another man interrupted, standing up, looking at Flair and saying menacingly, “Hey, you want to go talk to me in the parking lot? Because I’m going to work on you.

Naitch, not one to shy away from smoke, replied: “What did you say to me? What did you say to me?”

The extent of the conversation is sometimes hard to understand, but Flair was heard asking the manager for his name. The guy at the bar responds, “Nicholas,” prompting Flair to ask, “Nicholas what? Nicholas D***head!”

The bickering continued, with the manager accusing Flair of swearing at a restaurant employee, which Nature Boy flatly denied, stating, “I never said a bad word!”

Another argument, with Flair telling one of the bartenders, “I’ll tip you a thousand dollars just for saying, ‘Kiss my ass!’ » »… as he turned to the manager.

Luckily, cooler heads prevailed – but Ric was pissed and he made it known on Instagram.

“I spent $1,500 at (Piesano’s) place being disrespected more than ever in my life. After taking 20 photos with customers and staff, I was asked to leave because of an issue I ‘had with the chef who took too long Bathroom.’

“I would highly recommend anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing time in Gainesville at a nice restaurant to never visit this place! WOOOOO!”