Rikers Island correctional officers ‘ready’ to house Donald Trump if he violates gag order again

Corrections officers at Rikers Island are “ready” to house Donald Trump at the prison after the judge threatened to jail the former president if he violates a silence order.

Judge Juan M. Merchan said he was prepared to send him to prison if the former president violated a court mandate barring him from speaking publicly about jurors, witnesses and others connected to the case.

Trump was fined $9,000 last week for nine other violations of the order.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said corrections officials were prepared to house the former president at Rikers Island following the latest sanctions imposed against him during his secret trial.

Speaking at his regular press briefing at City Hall on Tuesday, he said: “We have to adapt to whatever happens to us.

Eric Adams said Rikers Island was preparing to welcome Donald Trump(Image: John Angelillo/UPI/REX/Shutterstock)

“We don’t want to deal with guesswork, but they are professionals. They will be ready.”

Rikers Island is New York’s largest prison. The 413-acre prison island sits in the East River in the Bronx. Trump is entitled to 24-hour protection from the Secret Service as a former president.

Trump can retain Secret Service protection for life, even if he is sent to prison or under house arrest.

After fining Trump $1,000 on Monday for again violating his order of silence, Judge Merchan threatened to jail him if he violated the order of silence again.

He said: “It appears the $1,000 fines are not a deterrent. Therefore, in the future, this court must consider a sanction of imprisonment.

“(Trump’s statements) threaten to interfere with the just administration of justice and are a direct attack on the rule of law. I cannot allow this to continue.”

Trump is accused of falsifying internal business records to conceal hush money payments — including the payment to Daniels — by recording them instead as legal fees.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records.

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