Ric Flair caught on camera insulting restaurant manager

Ric Flair caught on camera insulting restaurant manager

A video has emerged showing WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair causing a commotion at a restaurant. The footage (originally posted by Tik Tok account bussines11.11) shows Flair insulting a staff member, using explicit language and threatening to use social media against the establishment.

Flair recently posted on social media that he was asked to leave Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza in Gainesville, Florida, following an incident involving a chef who spent too much time in the bathroom. He mentioned spending $1,500 on a graduation dinner for his family and expressed feeling disrespected more than ever.

Flair, who appeared to be having trouble getting his words out, called out the employee as he argued over how he thought he was treated.

“You don’t have to do this to me and humiliate me in front of my family,” Flair said. “I did not do anything wrong.”

The employee responded by informing the 75-year-old former wrestler that he had cursed his chef, a claim Flair downplayed and denied. Flair then offered a thousand dollar tip to an employee for telling her co-worker, “Kiss my ass.” Flair expressed a feeling of disrespect after being asked to leave, but the employee clarified that Flair was not asked to leave; he was simply cut off from the bar.

“Oh, I’m cut off because I’m really drunk,” Flair replied.

Flair continued to accost the employee, calling him an asshole and asking him to come out and “talk to me like a man.”

A nearby customer got fed up with Flair’s behavior and said, “Hey, do you want to come out and talk to me in the parking lot?” Because I don’t work here. I do not care.

Cooler heads apparently prevailed and the video ends shortly after.

Following the first incident over the weekend, Cageside Seats attempted to obtain a statement from the restaurant and its management, but they declined to comment. Piesanos co-owner Jerry Roberts followed up with the Gainesville Sun, where he provided this statement:

“We have viewed a video of the incident that took place recently in our restaurant. It is clear that our team worked professionally to ensure the safety of customers and staff. We thanked our team for their professionalism. We are proud of how they responded to this situation by using and displaying our team values.

It is unclear whether the online video was recorded by a customer or another member of the restaurant staff. Still, the video offers more context about the incident. The matter appears to be resolved for the moment. Flair’s comments in the video suggest he’s unlikely to return, despite Piesanos offering a bargain appetizer, the Frita Combo.

“I’m leaving, trust me. I’m not coming back yet,” Flair told staff.