The actress of the film +18 testifies about her relationship with Trump: I was shocked, she was in bed in her underwear

The actress of the film +18 testifies about her relationship with Trump: I was shocked, she was in bed in her underwear

The +18 cinema actress testifies about her relationship with Trump: I was

Former US President Donald Trump is on trial with +18 actress Stormy Daniels. Porn star claims Trump paid her $120,000 to keep quiet after having sex in 2006.

While the former US president, 77, denies having sex with Daniels.

Daniels, now 45, said she has received death threats since Trump’s allegations became public, but she is not afraid to confront him in court.

“It has already caused a riot and caused death and destruction. Whatever the outcome, it will cause violence and there will be injuries and deaths. There is a lot of potential for a lot of good to come from this . But in any case, a lot of bad things will also come from it,” said the actress.

Stormy Daniels described what happened next in the hotel room. She said she found Trump in bed when she opened the bathroom door. He was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

The actress had earlier told the court that she did not drink alcohol during their meeting. Trump didn’t wear a condom, which was troubling, Daniels says, but she adds that she “didn’t say anything” during the meeting.

“I was trying to think about something other than what was happening there.” she says.

Stormy Daniels testified in detail about her first meeting with Donald Trump, when the two were in a hotel room during a celebrity golf tournament. Daniels said she was “surprised” to see Trump in bed in a T-shirt and underwear after leaving the bathroom after trying to call a friend.

“At first I was shocked, like a fear. I didn’t expect anyone to be there,” according to CNN. Daniels gave a detailed description of what happened in the hotel room. She said she took off her clothes and had sex with Trump.

Daniels said Trump did not express concerns about his wife, Melania, nor did he ask Daniels to keep the meeting confidential.

“I told very few people that we had sex because I was ashamed of not having stopped it,” Daniels added.

Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger attempted to question Daniels about his memory, leading to an objection from Trump lawyer Susan Necheles. Shortly before that, Trump gestured or punched Necheles in the arm, prompting him to object several times during Daniels’ testimony about his recollections.

Daniels testified that she met Trump at a nightclub the next day. Trump was at a table with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger when she approached them. Daniels testified that she began talking to Trump frequently.

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