Secret message for Lucas fans in the latest episode

Secret message for Lucas fans in the latest episode

During “When Calls the Heart” Season 11, Episode 5, which aired on Sunday, May 5, Elizabeth and Nathan took some serious steps forward in their blossoming relationship. But Lucas also had some important scenes, including one-on-one talks with Nathan and Elizabeth. Co-creator and executive director Brian Bird recently revealed that there was a secret message for Lucas fans that underpinned one of Chris McNally’s most important scenes from Episode 5.

This article contains spoilers for the final episode of “When Calls the Heart.”

Bird said the scene was meant to reassure Lucas fans

Bird told viewers that the scene where Lucas encouraged Elizabeth to jump on both feet was actually a message to Lucas fans, letting them know that Lucas hadn’t changed.

He wrote: “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. This was a scene written for @ChrisMcNally_ to show all the Lucas fans that he is still everything they love about him and always will be.

One viewer replied: “Reminded me of how lovable Nathan was when Lucas and Elizabeth first started their relationship. Nathan went to Lucas and told him that he would always support him. Both characters are very classy. But at that time, people were more respectful of each other. Another reason I love this show!

Another person added: “I’m a fan of Nathan but I also wish she’d said ‘I will.’ I hope you will too” or something to return the gesture. ❤️ The scene seemed a little incomplete. L was a class act at that point.

Bird was responding to a message saying Elizabeth should have apologized to Lucas

On he thought the scenes with Lucas (played by Chris McNally) were “magnificent”.

THE reading the original tweet: “There was one thing missing from the ‘jump in with both feet’ conversation with Lucas and Liz… an apology from Liz for using Lucas while viewing Nathan as more than a friend while she was still engaged.”

The commentator was referring to a big scene between Lucas and Elizabeth in episode 5 of season 11. Before this scene, Lucas told Nathan that he was sure Elizabeth was done with him and that he preferred to have in your life as a friend rather than not in your life. his life at all.

Then, in a later scene, Lucas spoke to Elizabeth and asked her to promise him: “If you have the opportunity to be truly happy, you jump in with both feet.” You deserve it.”

A person who likes Lucas responded to the tweet about the apology, writing: “It’s heartbreaking that she’s not with Lucas 💔 To me they are so much better suited.” I don’t know what motivated the writers to go in this direction but it made me not want to watch this season. I love other characters so much that I decided to give it a try.

However, another person didn’t think Elizabeth had a reason to apologize, writing: “🤔🤔 It’s funny…I think it should be the other way around and Lucas thanking ‘Liz’ for having the courage to be true to herself and her feelings and be honest with him. “Liz doesn’t owe Lucas anything for changing his mind about her. He owes him his blessings!