Did Ambani-Adani buy Rahul’s silence, says PM Modi; Congress fights back

Did Ambani-Adani buy Rahul’s silence, says PM Modi;  Congress fights back

HYDERABAD/NEW DELHI: In a curious twist to the election narrative on crony capitalism, Prime Minister Modi on Wednesday accused the Congress of striking a deal with “Ambani and Adani” and asked if the party had received “tons black money” from both. businessmen in exchange for Rahul Gandhi to stop “abusing” them during the elections.

“You must have seen, for five years, the shehzada of the Congress has been chanting from morning to evening… Since his Rafale file was nailed to the ground, he started chanting “five industrialists”… then “Ambani-Adani “. But since the elections were announced, these people (Congress) have stopped abusing Ambani-Adani,” the Prime Minister said at a rally in Karimnagar in Telangana.

The Prime Minister said, “Mein aaj Telangana ki dharti se poochna chahta hoon… shehzade ghoshit kare ki chunaav mein yeh Ambani-Adani se kitna maal uthaya hai. Kaale dhan ke kitne bore bhar kar ke rupye maare hain? Kya tempo bhar kar ke notein Congress ke liye pahunchi hai kya? Kya sauda hua hai? (I request from the soil of Telangana, let the shehzada declare how much money he took from Ambani-Adani in these elections…how many bags of black money? Have tempos full of currency notes reached the Congress What agreement was reached?)”

PM Modi said there was definitely something fishy going on (“daal me kuch kaala hai”) because for five years they (Congress and Rahul) abused Adani-Ambani and it stopped overnight. “This means you have received heaps of ‘chori ka maal’ (looted money),” he added.

The Prime Minister accusing the Congress of taking huge amounts of black money came as a surprise since he was the target of the opposition party’s barbs against crony capitalism.

Although the Congress rejected the charge saying Rahul had constantly attacked Ambani and Adani, there were indications that the BJP might not shut down the new front it has opened. Sources within the BJP said that unlike in the past, the campaign saw Adani-Ambani cease to be the Congress’s main line of attack. “Be that as it may, isn’t Ambani now absent from their concocted narrative of crony capitalism? » asked a source.

Modi’s speech focused on alleged corruption in Telangana under the Revanth Reddy-led Congress government, with the Prime Minister suggesting that some of the bribes earned by an ‘R’ in Hyderabad were transferred to a another “R” in New Delhi. Mentioning the Telugu blockbuster ‘RRR’, Modi said there was a discussion about an ‘RR tax’ in Telangana. “Even a child from Telangana knows about the double R tax… You all know the film RRR but I was told that the RRs left behind the film RRR in their collections. As you know, RRR earned more than Rs 1,000 crore, but I was told that this amount was collected by RR in just a few days, such a loot they arranged,” he said .

Although the Prime Minister did not take any names, his mention of ‘RR’ was seen as a reference to Rahul and Revanth Reddy. He said wherever the Congress formed a government, its ‘cash collection ATM’ began, as he also mentioned the unaccounted cash collected from the staff of a minister in Jharkhand.

Modi said the Congress fuse had blown after the third phase of polling and the INDIA bloc would need a microscope to find its winning seats after the fourth phase. “In any case, Congress already had to use a magnifying glass to identify the seats it could win. Today, after three rounds of voting, they realize they must use a new, more powerful magnifying glass to identify the few they can still win,” he said.

“Wherever the Congress is, there will be a lot of lies and fraud,” Modi said. “It is an anti-SC/ST/OBC party. One of the prominent faces of the Congress alliance said all reservations should be given to Muslims. This is despite Ambedkar making it clear that no religious reservations can be made. They have no respect for the Constitution. These people do not want SC, ST and OBC to come and take away their seats,” he added.