My rapist pretended to be a woman, so the cops, lawyers and judge all called him “she”

My rapist pretended to be a woman, so the cops, lawyers and judge all called him “she”

It was early summer of 2021 when 17-year-old Freddie Trenchard invited 14-year-old Anna to his house.

He reassured her that her mother and her boyfriend were there.

Rape victim Anna talks about meeting Freddie Trenchard (stock photo)Credit: Getty
According to Anna, Freddie, above, ‘forced’ her to have sex with him

At that time, Anna* had known Trenchard for two years.

Once in her room, where she thought they would watch television, he began touching her thighs and waist.

“I told him repeatedly to stop,” says Anna, crying and shaking as she recounts the horrific events.

“But he forced me to have sex.”

Anna tells me: “It wasn’t a sexual or romantic thing.

“He wanted to dominate me.

“He was choking me and doing things that men see in porn.”

When it was over, Anna tried, through her tears, to dress herself.

She said, “I’m bleeding. . . it was so painful. . . I was sitting on his bed, crying, holding the sheet over me, I was hysterical.

But Trenchard acted as if he had done nothing wrong, telling her to leave before she made any more of a fuss.

As Anna left home on the picturesque Channel Island of Guernsey, limping and bleeding, Trenchard’s mother asked her if she was okay.

He answered for her, saying, “She’s fine. »

He then pushed her through the garden gate, closing it behind her.

Anna returns home, throws away her clothes and hides in her room.

A day or two later, she told a friend what had happened.

She said: “I was so scared.

“I thought it was my fault.

“I took a pregnancy test and I was so scared.”

She didn’t tell anyone else until seven months later, when she finally confided in her sister.

Soon after, Anna discovered that Trenchard was chatting with one of her best childhood friends.

She “simply turned around” and posted on her social media: “He’s dangerous, stay away from him.”

“The dirtiest thing”

The mother of one of Anna’s friends saw this, then captured it and showed it to Anna’s mother.

At first, Anna was reluctant to talk about it, but then she called her mother from school and said, “Come and get me, I’ll tell you everything.” »

She did so and reported it to the police that night in February 2022.

Trenchard is now 20 years old and goes by the name Alyssa Christine Trenchard – although he has neither legally changed his name nor undergone surgery.

When he raped Anna, his only physical step toward transition had been to wear women’s clothes.

However, at the time of his arrest, Guernsey police had registered him as a woman.

Trenchard is now 20 years old and her name is Alyssa Christine Trenchard.
At the time of Freddie’s arrest, Guernsey Police registered him as a woman.

This set the tone for lawyers and other legal professionals, who described the attack as having been committed by a “transgender woman” with “his penis.”

And by specifying in court that Trenchard was “biologically male” at the time of the rape, the prosecutor suggested that at the time of the trial, this was no longer true.

In court, Anna refused to use female pronouns.

But even though Trenchard revealed (on TikTok) that he becomes sexually aroused when called “Miss,” Judge Catherine Fooks agreed from the outset that all court officials should call her “Miss Trenchard.”

After Trenchard complained about being referred to as a “transgender man” in the summary, Judge Fooks even reconvened the court after the proceedings were over – to deliberate, to apologize for his mistake and to reassure that the file would be amended to comply. her wish to be called a “transgender woman”.

Trenchard’s lawyer claimed that no sexual encounter took place and that the victim was motivated by transphobia.

Anna describes this as “the dirtiest thing, calling someone a bigot” – as she says, it’s completely false, she has dated a trans person before and has friends who identify as such .

She adds: “I have no problem with that. But only men can commit rape. Why pretend otherwise?

She is furious that Trenchard tried to claim his behavior was due to bullying because he was trans.

Anna says: “All he did was start dressing like a woman.

“The worst part was that in court he was trying to use the fact that he identified as a woman to say that he should be treated as a woman, he knew the difficulties of being a woman. How dare he?

“When he says ‘I’m a woman’ and then rapes someone, it’s unfair to trans people who are authentic and unfair to women.

“I am not transphobic.

“I knew him when he was a guy, before he transitioned.

“His penis raped me, it was attached to him.

“He controlled it.”

Anna describes herself as a very sociable person.

She says: “I would dance, play and do activities every day. »

But she adds: “I stopped going to everything. I don’t feel good going out anymore, especially being on stage in front of so many people.

Earlier this year, before the trial, Anna overdosed.

She was self-harming, deeply depressed and anxious.

The worst part was that in court he tried to use the fact that he identified as a woman to say that he should be treated as one, that he knew the difficulties of being a woman. How dare he?

Victim Anna

She wasn’t sleeping.

She says: “I didn’t go out much.

“I wore baggy clothes, I stopped eating, I changed everything, I changed my hair, I started piercing myself.

“I didn’t want to look like I did when he touched me.”

She knows well that she was barely a teenager, while at 17, he was almost an adult.

She told me: “He knew exactly what he was doing and he planned it.

“Losing my virginity was horrible for me.

“I had no choice, but I wanted it to be special.”

But she adds: “I didn’t get to choose when or with whom it happened. »

Anna felt “inhuman” and wondered if this was normal – what the first time she had sex was like.

But then, as my friends got older, they would say things like, “Oh my God, I had the most incredible experience.” . .”

“A weight on the shoulders”

Then she knew.

She said: “This is not what my first time should have been.

“It made me feel disgusting and dirty, and I blamed myself for so long, but it’s not my fault.”

Anna is now proud of herself for coming forward.

She said: “Telling someone was a very important thing for me, and it took a lot of weight off my shoulders.

“I’m not going through this alone now.

“At least someone knows what he did and believes me.”

On July 28 last year, Trenchard was found guilty of rape following a trial at the Royal Court of Guernsey. He has since been sentenced to three years of juvenile detention at Nicolles prison on the island.

This prison is mixed during the day.

But women and men are separated to sleep, and the governor said yesterday that “one pre-operative trans prisoner” would be housed in men’s quarters.

Jane Roper, the coordinator of the Guernsey Women’s Rights Network, who attended the trial and sentencing, was horrified to learn of the details of the attack.

Freddie, from Guernsey, in a screenshot from ITVCredit: ITV

She said: “It is unbecoming of the court to refer to a convicted rapist as ‘she’ and ‘she’, and it is disconcerting to hear that he now has ‘male and female genitalia’ after a few months of patching HRT.

The WRN wrote to Judge Fooks to ask why she referred to a rapist as “she” and “Miss”.

She responded that they were following the judges’ guidelines “in the interest of fairness.”

Meanwhile, Anna says: “Now that he has been convicted, he will think twice before doing this.

“I am a survivor, not a victim.”

When she found out he had been found guilty, she felt like “every smirk he gave me, I just rubbed it in his face.”

The jury reached a unanimous guilty verdict in less than an hour, but Trenchard was then released for three months pending sentencing, leaving a convicted rapist to enjoy freedom while his victim was afraid to leave the house in case she encountered him.

Trenchard also sought permission to appeal, on shaky grounds, but this was granted at taxpayers’ expense.

His appeal failed but he subjected his victim and her family to the horror of further legal proceedings.

Despite the fact that he claimed he was innocent – ​​thus subjecting the family to a hellish trial and subjecting Anna to the stand to repeat the testimony she had already given via video – the judge granted him the reduction maximum possible sentence.

At sentencing, the probation service said Trenchard would be “unlikely to commit another offence”, probably because he now claims to be a woman.

But Anna, visibly moved, asks: “Why should claiming a transgender identity mean that rapists are treated differently?”

“Rape is a terrible crime of any kind. »

  • That’s not his real name

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