Ivana Knoll returns to Europe ready for summer

Ivana Knoll returns to Europe ready for summer

Ivana Knoll will do some live rehearsals ahead of UEFA Euro 2024 later this summer. She announced a few months ago that she was preparing to make a major appearance in the tournament spotlight.

The Croatian model’s Instagram activity on Wednesday makes it seem like all systems are working when it comes to this plan. She’s in Madrid, Spain, doing her best to attract attention.

After managing to go unnoticed last weekend by making a bit of an impact on F1 at her third Miami Grand Prix, during which she was able to spend time with the Aston Martin Formula 1 team, she left for Europe.

And there was no sort of calming down once she arrived. Ivana went straight to the water and received a special announcement that she had arrived.

Ivana Knoll is in Europe and she’s “ready for summer.”

Ivana Knoll is not playing this summer

This kind of announcement might seem difficult to follow for some. Not for Ivana. She’s a veteran in every sense of the word, and she’s at home in a football stadium, rubbing shoulders with the fans.

So she grabbed her number 69 Real Madrid jersey, rolled it up and headed off to watch Real Madrid take on Bayern in a Champions League match.

Saying you’re ready for summer is one thing. Going out and proving it is another. OutKick’s cultural department is action-oriented.

Ivana Knoll too. The model gave early warning to the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament and Europe that she was on her way.

She then left Miami yesterday and got straight to work once she arrived in Madrid. It’s about making sure you set the tone. Buckle up, it’s going to be a ride this summer.