Gallego announces nearly $12 million to Arizona communities for affordable housing

Gallego announces nearly  million to Arizona communities for affordable housing

May 8, 2024

WASHINGTON – Today, Representative Ruben Gallego (AZ-03) announced that Arizona communities will receive $11,821,480 in public housing repair financing from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

“Solving Arizona’s housing crisis means tackling the problem from all angles. This includes ensuring our social housing provision is safe and available for families and older people who need it most. said Rep. Gallego. “Thanks to the critical funding I helped secure, I’m proud to announce today that nearly $12 million will be delivered to Arizona communities to do just that.”

“The City of Phoenix Housing Department received these much-needed funds to improve its public housing communities,” said Titus Mathew, City of Phoenix Housing Director. “The funding will be used for major renovation projects that will improve the quality of life of seniors and provide a modern, comfortable environment and modern amenities for our most vulnerable residents.

The grants announced today are awarded through HUD’s Capital Funds program, which provides annual funding to all public housing authorities to build, renovate and/or modernize public housing in their communities. Housing authorities can use the funding to make large-scale improvements such as replacing roofs or upgrading heating systems in an energy-efficient manner and installing water-saving measures.

The following Arizona housing authorities receive funding:

Winslow Public Housing Authority: $213,085

Williams Housing Authority: $113,461

Flagstaff Housing Authority: $866,770

Tucson Housing and Community Development: $3,273,625

South Tucson Housing Authority: $456,994

Nogales Housing Authority: $756,288

Yuma County Housing Department: $460,558

City of Glendale Housing Authority: $506,481

Chandler Housing and Redevelopment Division: $937,406

Pinal County Housing Authority: $501,636

Eloy Housing Authority: $79,147

City of Phoenix Housing Department: $3,656,029

Today’s announcement furthers Rep. Gallego’s leadership to end homelessness and increase affordable housing in Arizona.

In April, he presented the Fair Housing Voucher Act to increase the number of housing vouchers allocated to growing states like Arizona. The bill would address disparities in the current Housing Choice Voucher program by authorizing an additional $2 billion in funding for vouchers allocated to the nation’s 25 fastest-growing cities with populations greater than 100,000.

Also in April, Representative Gallego toured Project to expand and renovate the family shelter at the new UMOM day center and presented to the UMOM a ceremonial $1.98 million check out the community project funding Rep. Gallego secured for the shelter.

In February, Rep. Gallego hosted two roundtable discussions with local leaders to discuss his efforts to increase affordable housing and how to combat homelessness in Arizona.

In addition to current funding, in recent years Rep. Gallego has secured:

  • 50 billion dollars in case of emergency COVID-19 rental assistance
  • $668 million in financing for Phoenix through HUD, including $226 million in community development block grants, and:
    • $54 million for the Emergency Solutions Grant program to help people quickly regain stability in permanent housing after experiencing a housing crisis and/or homelessness.
    • $124 million for the Home Investments Partnership Program to build, purchase and renovate affordable housing for rent or homeownership and provide direct rental assistance to low-income people
    • $41 million under the Housing Trust Fund to produce and preserve affordable housing for extremely low and very low income households.
    • $110 million through the Continuum of Care program to provide community-based solutions to end homelessness.
    • $23 million under the Public Housing Investment Fund for the modernization and development of public housing.

  • 10 million dollars directly to Arizona through housing and homelessness assistance programs, including:
    • $1.5 million to house and support Phoenix’s homeless veterans.
    • $2.8 million for affordable housing for veterans. (small houses)
    • $1.3 million to support affordable housing for veterans, survivors of domestic violence, and low-income families.
    • $1.9 million provide a safe space for homeless people in the city of Phoenix to store their belongings while they look for work.
    • 750 thousand dollars for transitional beds.

$2.9 million for an affordable housing community.