Flight cancellations: Passengers stranded due to flight cancellations | Chennai News

Flight cancellations: Passengers stranded due to flight cancellations |  Chennai News

Chennai: Passengers on a Thiruvananthapuram-Chennai Air India Express flight were stranded after the 10:30 p.m. flight was delayed by two-and-a-half hours and then canceled around 1 a.m. after cabin crew called in sick Tuesday. Those who had checked in had to return, as the airline did not reschedule them to other flights but instead offered a refund. Two arrivals and one departure of the airline in Chennai were also delayed on Wednesday. Flight delays and cancellations are affecting summer vacation plans. Three flights to Bangalore, one to Ahmedabad and one to Kochi, and one flight to Kuala Lumpur were delayed by more than an hour. There have been multiple delays and cancellations since mid-April in the Middle East after heavy rain and flooding in Dubai. Although international airlines offer date changes and rescheduling, low-cost domestic flights do not offer date changes. “Many passengers were stranded in Thiruvananthapuram because the airline kept announcing that the flight was delayed every half hour until 1 am. Then they said it was canceled and a refund would be given. The airline did not offer accommodation. People cannot return to the city and look for hotels this late at night,” said Mr. Velmurugan, who was scheduled to take the Thiruvananthapuram-Chennai flight. He had to take a taxi to Kochi and board a morning flight to Chennai. Air India Express said in a statement: “Some of our crew called in sick at the last minute, leading to flight delays and cancellations. While we are speaking with the crew to understand the reasons, our teams are actively addressing this issue to minimize the inconvenience caused. Those affected will be offered a full refund or free rescheduling. We are also accommodating affected guests on alternative flights. Although airlines often send intimate messages regarding cancellations, last minute cancellations and lack of facilities create a problem for people, as happened for those traveling to the United Kingdom and the Middle East. -East when their flights were delayed recently.

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