Fifth Flavor serves Asian-inspired cuisine in Kent – ​​KentWired

Fifth Flavor serves Asian-inspired cuisine in Kent – ​​KentWired

Fifth Flavor, a takeout restaurant serving “Asian-inspired cuisine,” recently opened its doors. The restaurant is located on Temple Ave. in Kent.

Owner Premmarin Milindasuta said Fifth Flavor serves Asian-style dishes ranging from Korean to Japanese cuisine. Milindasuta said she started cooking this type of food because she wanted to be able to bring her experience to Kent.

“I started cooking because I couldn’t find a taste that I was missing at home,” Milindasuta said.

With the wide range of Asian dishes served at Fifth Flavor, all food items are authentically prepared by Milindasuta.

“I prepare everything in my kitchen,” Milindasuta said. “Everything (is) just homemade in the kitchen.”

Milindasuta said she chose the town of Kent to open the restaurant because it’s her husband’s hometown, but also because she thinks the place has people willing to try new things when it comes to food. food.

“I left Bangkok because I married my husband and it was his hometown,” she said. “Asian cuisine is my expertise. I think Kent is very open to cultural experience.

Additionally, what prompted Milindasuta to start his business was the difficulty in finding work in the United States after immigrating from Thailand. This is why she opened Fifth Flavor with her extensive knowledge of Asian culture and foods.

“I was a teacher in Thailand, but when I arrived here, it was quite difficult for me to find a job,” Milindasuta said. “So I’m going ahead and creating my own job, Fifth Flavor. Asian cuisine, Thai cuisine, I come from Thailand so I know Asian cuisine.

Milindasuta said she chose the business name “Fifth Flavor” because she didn’t want to have a typical name for the business, but instead wanted a name that would highlight all types of Asian dishes made by Milindasuta.

“I don’t want a name that just says something like ‘Thai Kitchen’ or something like that,” Milindasuta said. “I want it to represent all the Asian cuisine that I make. You will get that “fifth flavor”.

Milindasuta said she hopes those who come to her restaurant will recognize her food as authentic and carefully prepared.

“I just hope people feel like this is heartfelt food that someone made with love and care,” she said.

MinJee Yoo is a journalist. Contact her at (protected email).