‘Hacks’ Star Jean Smart Teases What’s Ahead: ‘You’ll Be Shocked’

‘Hacks’ Star Jean Smart Teases What’s Ahead: ‘You’ll Be Shocked’

Jean Smart may not be a newcomer to Hollywood, but that doesn’t stop her from rising to the top right now, both on and off screen. The longtime actor currently stars in the third season of the original series Max. Tipswhere she plays Deborah Vance, a staple of the Vegas comedy scene, who, with the help of young writer Ava Daniels (played by Hannah Einbinder), realizes that there are even more heights possible in her career , regardless of gender or gender. age.

I sat down with Smart, 72, to discuss his character on many levels, as well as to learn about his own mindset as a seasoned actor in Hollywood today. To begin, what does Smart like most about the evolution of Deborah Vance’s story on Tips?

“Well, I am continually amazed by our writers. They continue to raise the bar and jump over it. This season you kind of see a side of Deborah that isn’t so nice – not that she was such an angel before – but before I felt like her bad traits were funny, but they still aren’t that fun this season. I think the writers were so smart in the way they structured it, because it took three seasons for the audience to be able to say, “Oh, it doesn’t matter, we love him, of all things.” way ! The audience is now invested in all the characters, not just Deborah and Ava. All the characters have a lot more freedom to move to different locations. That’s one of the fun things about doing a show is that after a while the audience is one step ahead of you and they’ll see the banana peel on the stairs before you don’t slip on it, and he appreciates it.

For anyone who is (shamefully) unaware of Smart’s acting career before Tips, let me update you. On her sassy performance as Charlene Conceive women (1986-1993) to her more realistic performance as Martha, the First Lady of the United States, in the action series 24 (2001-2010), Smart has proven time and time again that she possesses great versatility in her acting skills. So, even with her stellar past performances, I wondered what it was about Deborah and what Tips series that appears to be perhaps a game changer for Smart, not only in what television can be today, but in his own career.

Smart said: “Well, I think he’s such a complicated person but also makes us laugh – those are two qualities I think are attractive to a character. I think I was funny before, but maybe- be that they (the audience) didn’t think I was as funny as Deborah My biggest concern is the (.Tips) the show on the first day was Will comedians buy me as a stand-up comedian? – that was my only worry. All I’m told is what they do and that excites me to no end.

Remaining such a powerful player in the entertainment industry over the past few decades and being able to see first-hand how show business has changed and progressed, what does Smart like about today’s Hollywood ‘today, and maybe he’s missing some Hollywood habits from yesteryear?

“I think there was something slightly nostalgic about when there were only three major networks and everyone watched basically the same shows. But now there are shows that – I mean, you can’t watch every show. There are so many – there are literally shows that are on, not that I’m a big TV watcher – I’m not, so I’m a bad person – but there are shows that are considered as huge successes. which I have never heard of, let alone seen. But it’s a good thing – it’s a wonderful thing – there’s a lot more work now, although since the (WGA and SAG-AFTRA) strike things are a little shaky but they will end by standing up on their own. I wouldn’t want to be a young person starting out as an actor right now. It’s probably the only time I’ve been grateful to be as old as I am in Hollywood. I wouldn’t want to just try to gain a foothold right now.

This season on Tips, Deborah plans to pursue becoming a late-night host, an opportunity she passed up years ago, as her stardom today in this second act of her life and career continues to take off. In fact, Smart is enjoying his own resurgence, recently winning back-to-back Emmys for his outstanding performance in the first two seasons of Tips. So I was curious if Smart had noticed the parallels between her character Deborah’s rise and her own rise in Hollywood.

“Well definitely! It’s kind of crazy. No, absolutely and I think that’s one of the reasons why a lot of women love the show. I’m glad so many men love the show. I don’t I didn’t know how men would react to the show and, as far as I know, they love it as much as women do. I think women like seeing these characters as outrageous and ambitious as they are because we don’t see that. normally with women – or if they were, they were unlikable women – they were hardened career women in suits. We’ve never seen this done in such a three-dimensional way.

With the first four episodes of Tips season three is now airing on Max and there are five episodes left in this season, what can Smart say what fans should expect from Deborah, Ava and more?

Smart said: “I’m really excited to see – I think episode seven is (Deborah’s) Christmas party and there’s some stuff in there that’s just outrageous and funny, and there’s some stuff that is very, very moving. Plus, Deborah is roasted!

She added: “Then episode nine, the finale, the very last scene, you will be shocked.”

When I asked Smart if she could see this Tips With the story continuing for seasons and seasons to come, she said four or five seasons are expected and that the writers and producers told her that was the plan from very early on.

As I finished my conversation with Smart, I wondered what she would say to him. Tips the character Deborah Vance, after playing her on screen for three seasons so far and understanding who she is and what she cares about, Smart said with a laugh: “I would say to make up with Marty, for God’s sake. Stop being so stubborn.