Courses, prices, what to consider

Courses, prices, what to consider

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If one of your goals in life is to spend more time learning, let us tell you about MasterClass.

MasterClass is an online streaming platform filled with masterclasses on everything from making movies and eating to playing sports and improving your mindset.

Currently, MasterClass offers over 180 online lectures on the platform, taught by a roster of luminaries including Steve Martin, Samuel L. Jackson, Helen Mirren, Jodie Foster, and more.

So we put it to the test. Is MasterClass (especially in the entertainment categories) really worth the annual subscription price?

What is the MasterClass?

MasterClass is a streaming platform that offers different series of high-quality video lectures taught by stars in their respective fields.

What types of courses does MasterClass offer?

MasterClass currently has over 200 courses organized into 11 categories. The categories, along with an example of something you’ll find in each, are as follows:

  • Arts & Entertainment (development of an original series with the Duffer Brothers)
  • Business (The Power of Personal Branding with Kris Jenner)
  • Community and Government (Creating Change with Malala Yousafzai)
  • Design & Style (Style for everyone with Tan France)
  • Food (Cooking I with Gordon Ramsay)
  • Home & Lifestyle (Design a Space You Love with Shea McGee)
  • Music (Performance Art with Usher)
  • Science and Technology (Science and Problem Solving with Bill Nye)
  • Sports and games (Tennis with Serena Williams)
  • Well-being (self-expression and authenticity with RuPaul)
  • Writing (The Art of Storytelling with Neil Gaiman)

MasterClass also offers an original series, where a group of different experts guide you through a topic episode by episode, and sessions, which allow you to “learn by doing” and complete hands-on projects.

MasterClass prices and subscriptions:

    masterclass plans with agreement
Photo: MasterClass

MasterClass offers three different plans at three different price points. The thing to note about MasterClass is that all plans are billed annually rather than monthly, so you’ll still pay for a full year in advance.

Let us break down the plans for you.

MasterClass Standard Plan:

The MasterClass Standard plan usually costs $10/month (billed annually at $120), but right now you can get it for $7/month. It’s the perfect choice for someone who doesn’t plan on sharing their account with anyone else.

You’ll be able to stream on one device at a time, but offline downloads aren’t available as part of this location, so you’ll still need to be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data to watch a MasterClass. Other than that, you get everything the other two plans have.

MasterClass Plus package:

For $15/month (billed annually at $180), you can upgrade to the Plus plan, which provides access to everything MasterClass has to offer. However, right now, the Plus plan only costs $9/month.

You will be able to stream lessons on two screens at once and offline downloads are now included in the duo plan.

Premium MasterClass Plan:

If you plan to share a MasterClass account with up to six people (all of whom can use the platform simultaneously), the Premium plan is for you. It costs $20/month, but is billed annually for $240. With current deals in effect, you’ll get this plan for just $10/month, the same price as the Standard plan. The only major difference between the duo plan and the family plan is the number of people who can use the account at the same time.

Our opinion :

I’ll start by saying this: MasterClass is an incredibly valuable platform with a wealth knowledge at your fingertips. Whether you have a specific area of ​​interest or find an instructor engaging enough to take their course despite a lack of knowledge in the area, it’s incredibly easy to get a lot of value from MasterClass.

However, the type of learner you are will make a huge difference when using the platform.

I love school, especially when it came time to take classes that really excited and interested me, but always found me to be less of a lecturer and more someone who preferred activities and open communication with teachers and peers – for me, it’s not just absorbing the information, but also putting it into practice.

Martin Scorsese Masterclass
Martin Scorsese is one of the many famous instructors on the platform. Photo: MasterClass

I found that depending on the type of course you want to take in MasterClass, there are different levels of hands-on learning. While some, like cooking classes, take a more tangible approach — learning to cook requires cooking, after all — the classes I spent most of my time on the platform took a more course-based approach masterful.

The MasterClasses I sampled were primarily in the arts and entertainment category; of course, I’m a writer, but I also have a great interest in fiction and cinema. Learn cinema from THE Martin Scorsese is a dream, and I particularly enjoyed the on-stage discussion lectures near the end of his course, but if you’re the type of person who needs do something to prove that you are learning, these courses may not entirely work for you.

I had a similar feeling with Shonda Rhimes’s Writing for Television course: it’s an incredible amount of knowledge from one of the hottest showrunners on television today.

For these courses, I appreciated the downloadable class guide, which is essentially a very detailed schedule for the MasterClass, complete with each lesson, key takeaways, and any homework assignments. For the Rhimes class, there were bonus materials discussed in class available for download, such as the original story bible and the pilot script for Grey’s Anatomy.

Ultimately, with courses like these, the only thing motivating you to work alongside the course is you. If you watch Rhimes teach writing for television, you can choose to flesh out an idea as you go through the chapters, or you can just watch it and decide later if what you learned is enough to motivate you to work. on something.


  • Annual Membership – take your time with classes
  • Hire famous instructors to learn
  • Varied topics, perfect for the whole family

The inconvenients:

  • You have to pay for a full year at once, which can be a steep price for some.
  • No certificate is offered for completing a course
  • No free trial or courses available to test the service

Above all, I’ve found that MasterClass offers incredibly well-produced courses that often feel more like the talking head portion of a documentary than a lecture of which you are a passive part.

The platform also offers sessions, which allow users to learn by doing – which is fantastic and ties in with my previous notes on the different degrees of practical education – but there are no sessions available for every MasterClass category, so if your specific area of ​​interest doesn’t have sessions, you’ll need to stick to the classic course style.

How we tested:

We used MasterClass, of course! While the platform has nearly 200 courses, and it is impossible to follow them all, we sampled a number of them to get a feel for the platform as a whole. In doing so, we kept a few points in mind:

  • Quality: How engaging is the instructor?
  • Value: Is the knowledge you gain from the courses worth the $10-20/month you will spend on the platform, knowing that you are paying for an entire year at once?

Is the MasterClass worth it?

For as little as $10/month, you can gain a wealth of knowledge – so in that regard, we’d say yes, MasterClass is worth it!

Your experience may vary depending on your preference for hands-on teaching and whether you learn well in a lecture setting, but I will say this: four-plus hours of Martin Scorsese talking about his own films and the films that inspired him. them is invaluable. You’ll probably see the same thing for all the things you’re passionate about on MasterClass.

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