NCIS: Hawaiian fans fight to save the series despite the cancellation

NCIS: Hawaiian fans fight to save the series despite the cancellation

How NCIS Hawaii fans are fighting to save the show after its abrupt cancellation 973
Karen Neal/CBS

NCIS: Hawaii fans are doing everything in their power to try to save the series after its abrupt cancellation.

A petition was started on by fans to try to convince CBS to reverse its decision to end the NCIS spin off. The petition, which aims for 35,000 signatures, has already gathered more than 27,000 supporters.

NCIS: Hawaii has been more than just a TV show for many of us. Over the past three years, she has become a beacon of representation and inspiration, changing lives in ways unimaginable,” reads the petition’s mission statement. “It’s not just about exciting storylines or endearing characters; it’s about what they represent and how they touched our hearts.

The post explained that the series had “broken barriers” by featuring women in leading roles. NCIS: Hawaii was the only spin-off to feature a female protagonist named Jane Tennant, played by Vanessa Lachéy. Besides Lachey, the cast was the most diverse compared to the others. NCIS series.

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“Beyond its impact on individual viewers, NCIS: Hawaii has also brought together a diverse community of fans, of all ages and backgrounds,” the petition states. “It breathed new life into an already beloved franchise by attracting a wider audience.”

CBS announced its decision to cancel NCIS: Hawaii in April. Fans and Lachey herself were blindsided by the choice to end the series after three seasons. After the announcement of his cancellation, Lachey took to social media to share the statistics of NCIS: HawaiiThe high viewership of , which attracted 10.1 million viewers from television and streaming.

How NCIS Hawaii fans are fighting to save the show after its abrupt cancellation 972
Karen Neal/CBS

The series finale aired on Monday, May 6, and fans were left worried after it ended with a cliffhanger. The character of Lachey and his team, composed of Noah Mills And LL Cool J. — prevent the use of the biological weapon Compound Julie White to deliver bad news before the screen goes black.

“We urge CBS to continue producing NCIS: Hawaii for several more seasons or at least provide us with a full Season 4 to properly bid farewell to these beloved characters who have become part of our lives over the years,” the petition continues. “Please sign this petition if you believe in preserving this groundbreaking series that means so much more than just entertainment value.”

In addition to creating a petition, a group of fans also contributed to a billboard posted in Times Square ahead of the finale. Supporters also took to social media with the hashtag “Save NCIS Hawai’i” to express their desire for a return.

While fans have made a valiant effort, CBS has been upfront about its decision to remain permanent.

“It’s our responsibility to always keep a program fresh and maintain momentum,” the CBS Entertainment president said. Amy Reisenbach said during the network’s unveiling of its 2024-25 schedule in May by Variety. “It all came back (from the Hollywood strikes) very strong, but at the end of the day we have to look at the consistency of how the schedule plays out. We have to evaluate finances and overall performance, and we make difficult decisions.

Asked if there was a chance the cancellation would be overturned, Reisenbach said: “No.”