Silent Struggle Ep.27: Police trauma and stigma: sheriff candidate Mario Knapp

Silent Struggle Ep.27: Police trauma and stigma: sheriff candidate Mario Knapp

Following a close shootout in which a homicide subject was killed, a Miami-Dade Police Department SWAT officer opens up about his silent struggle with being haunted by the memory and vision of the subject in his rearview mirror. Even sadder is the stigma – fear of consequences – associated with seeking help for mental health.

It’s clear, trauma has harmful consequences on people!

Perhaps nothing more than how it affects personnel who serve in law enforcement. The mental wellbeing of those who keep us safe day and night can often be suppressed due to the stigma surrounding open and honest dialogue about mental health wellbeing. How the officers involved decompress after a constant barrage of stimuli that can alter mental health due to the severity of the incidents experienced is of utmost importance. It can be the difference between overcoming the incident, struggling well, or finding yourself deeper into a black hole.

In episode 27 of Silent Struggle (found on streaming platforms as Silent Struggle Hosted By Military And Police Veterans), Robert Asencio and David Magnusson call on longtime (retired) Miami County Major -Dade, Mario Knapp, to discuss these most important issues from the perspective of a police chief (the person who can make the necessary changes). It’s worth noting that Mario is also a candidate in the upcoming Miami-Dade County sheriff’s race.


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