Shock moment fan flashes boobs in crowd at NHL game in crazy moment

Shock moment fan flashes boobs in crowd at NHL game in crazy moment

This is the crazy moment a fan flashes her boobs in the middle of an NHL game.

The Edmonton Oilers faced the Dallas Stars in Game 5 of the NHL Conference Finals.

A fan at an Edmonton Oilers game stunned fans by flashing her boobsCredit: X @Gerry39464526
It happened while fans were cheering for the teamCredit: X @Gerry39464526
One online fan said she ‘looked fun’Credit: X @Gerry39464526
A fan in the background almost fell into the seats in front trying to get a lookCredit: X @Gerry39464526

The Canadian team took a 3-2 lead in the series after a 3-1 victory over Dallas.

And one fan in particular seemed to be stung by the win.

During the game, a female fan was seen cheering in the crowd before lifting her Oilers jersey to show her chest.

She then started shaking from side to side before dropping her top and looking at the camera.

The unknown fan then burst out laughing.

Another fan in the background of the video appeared to be having his own recording in the crowd before noticing the fan with her recharge.

They then leaned forward, phones in hand, to apparently get their own footage of the crazy moment, almost falling into the seats in front in the process.

While some fans might have taken issue with the nudity spectacle, others saw the funny side.

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One said: “She looks like lots of fun.” »

A second said: “The only good thing we’ve seen in an Oilers jersey. »

Shock moment fan flashes boobs in crowd at NHL game in crazy moment

Another added: “I’m suddenly an Oilers fan. »

Careful observers also spotted the number of “favorites” the post received from users, closely followed by the number of “likes.”

The Oilers are aiming for a fifth Stanley Cup victory overall and first since 1990, while looking to become the first Canadian team to win it since 1993.

Legendary character Wayne Gretzky helped the Oilers dominate in the 1980s, winning titles in 1984, 1985, 1987 and 1988.

They won another Stanley Cup in 1990 following the Gretzky trade in 1988.

Jake Paul’s ex and model Julia Rose became an internet star with Lauren Summer when they flashed their boobs in front of a pitcher at a baseball game in 2019.

Julia later repeated this act outside the stadium after being banned.

Influencer Kinsey Wolanski produced a famous sequence during the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool in 2019.

Model Julia Rose pulled a similar prank in 2019 during a baseball gameCredit: Instagram / @its_juilarose
She was joined by Lauren Summer in the actCredit: Instagram / @heylaurensummer
Kinsey Wolanski scored in the 2019 Champions League finalCredit: Getty