Elderly landlady shocked to discover rental room left in dirty condition by upset tenant

Elderly landlady shocked to discover rental room left in dirty condition by upset tenant

SINGAPORE: An elderly Singapore homeowner was left in a state of disbelief and distress after returning home to find that her tenant had cut the wires in her house and left her rental room in a terrible state. The tenant’s vengeful actions came after the landlord refused to renew her lease.

The incident came to light when the owner’s granddaughter Jade shared the ordeal on Instagram. Jade, who lives with her grandmother, revealed that they rented a room from a Singaporean a year ago. However, with the lease expiring on May 29, they decided not to extend the deal.

In a video posted by Jade, the room was seen in a state of complete disarray. The floor was littered with trash and debris, including numerous plastic bottles, wrapping paper, trash and pieces of cotton torn from the mattress. The entire room was dirty and chaotic.

Speaking to 8World, Jade explained that her grandmother owns the house and her mother found the tenant a year ago, renting one of the rooms to her. Throughout the year, the tenant’s behavior often made Jade uncomfortable. He often walked around the house wearing only his underwear, despite repeated reminders from Jade and his grandmother to dress more appropriately.

Jade also said the tenant used to sneak peeks at her while she was taking off her makeup at the sink. “He also once threw an old dryer into our house without our consent, claiming he had a better dryer, and he only ended up compensating us $500,” she added.

Jade had repeatedly offered to evict the tenant, but her grandmother was hesitant because she needed the rental income. Jade revealed that her grandmother, who has a part-time job earning around $700 a month, relies on rent, and that Jade herself is still a student.

The situation worsened a few days ago when the grandmother, returning from a dentist appointment, found that the electrical wires in the house had been cut. She had planned to confront the tenant, but after discovering the room locked and receiving no response to her calls, she enlisted the help of neighbors to break into the room. Inside, they discovered a shocking scene of trash and filth.

The tenant has since left the premises but has not returned the room key. For security reasons, Jade changed the lock on the front door and filed a police report.

Investigations are ongoing.