Joe Biden supports America’s allies at war – IF they don’t fight too hard

Joe Biden supports America’s allies at war – IF they don’t fight too hard

President Biden has made his views on responding to foreign attacks clear: America will help its allies fight back fiercely – as long as they do no harm to their enemies. too much Shame.

I wouldn’t want to risk the situation getting worse, you don’t know.

This is clearly a recipe for losing and has already proven to be a tragic failure against enemies like Russia, Iran, China, Hamas and the Taliban. . . .

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the Middle East in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, United States, May 31, 2024.
President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the Middle East in the State Dining Room of the White House on May 31, 2024. REUTERS

Worse yet, it ensures the one thing Biden supposedly fears most: no more war.

Take Russia. Biden supports Ukraine in its fight to roll back Moscow’s illegal invasion, but he insists that kyiv defends itself with its hands tied behind its back – while Vladimir Putin beats his chest and slams his nuclear weapons.

No attacks on Russian soil will be tolerated, although it finally relaxed that rule slightly last week, allowing limited strikes in a border area near Kharkiv.

Nor will the United States send the most powerful American weapons that could make a real difference.

Damn: Biden could have deterred Putin and prevented war altogether by massively arming Ukraine. Before the invasion and the reporting that Russia would risk a major conflict which he would surely lose if he attacked.

Instead, the president made clear that Russia need not fear U.S. and NATO involvement.

A “minor incursion” would be acceptable. And his only threat before a large-scale operation was to impose economic sanctions.

Or take Israel: The Jewish state “has the right to defend itself and its people,” Biden asserted immediately after the October 7 Hamas massacre.

Yet he quickly castigated the Jewish state for causing too many casualties (even though the number of civilian deaths compared to combatants is lower in Gaza than in any other urban war in modern history).

And he imposed restrictions: no targeting of terrorists in populated areas (precisely where they are hiding). No obstacles to humanitarian aid, even if it always ends up in the hands of Hamas.

Biden even refused an arms shipment to Israel and threatened to block future deliveries if Israel fought too hard.

All because some privileged teenagers started calling him Genocide Joe and demanding a “Free Palestine” and anti-Israel voters threatened to stay home in November.

Then there is Iran: when it first launched more than 300 missiles and drones at Israel – from its own soil – Biden warned Jerusalem not at all to fight back.

He also essentially ignored attacks on U.S. troops by Tehran proxies — at least until a strike left three soldiers dead in Jordan. A few weeks later, he released $10 billion for the ayatollahs, having already canceled the application of sanctions shortly after taking office.

As of 2021, he delivered Afghanistan to the Taliban, blocking the Americans and our allies there.

Then again, as vice president, he also opposed the US strike on Osama bin Laden, fearing the fallout. He fares no better in the face of Chinese outrages.

Former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates noted that Biden “has been wrong on almost every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Don’t expect the 81-year-old president to start understanding just yet.