F1 Rumor: Adrian Newey offered stunning contract by Red Bull Rival – set to decide next week

F1 Rumor: Adrian Newey offered stunning contract by Red Bull Rival – set to decide next week

Red Bull technical director Adrian Newey has reportedly been offered a lucrative contract by rival team Mercedes. The decision, expected next week, could have a huge impact on the F1 championship landscape.

Newey, known for his groundbreaking contributions to the aerodynamics of Formula 1 cars, has been offered an incredible contract that includes stock in the company, according to a report from Sportskeeda.

From Mercedes’ perspective, securing Newey could be a game-changer in their quest for Formula 1 dominance, reminiscent of their winning streak that lasted until 2022. Newey’s profound impact on its teams is well documented, with its designs significantly improving car performance and competitive advantage. Given that Mercedes team principal and CEO Toto Wolff has spoken out in favor of intensifying efforts to improve his car’s performance, Newey’s expertise could be the missing piece of their puzzle.

The timing of this offer is critical as Newey nears the end of his tenure at Red Bull, with his departure planned for the end of the first quarter of 2025. Mercedes, struggling with the lackluster performance of its current car, the W15, appears be who urgently needs Newey’s aerodynamic ingenuity. Wolff, reflecting on current challenges, shared his thoughts after the Monaco Grand Prix, emphasizing the team’s commitment to continuous improvement. He commented, quoted by Autosport:

“Shov (Andrew Shovlin) is good with metaphors, and what we’re doing now probably solves that problem. I don’t think the quilt is big enough to cover the feet and head at this point, but we’re getting there.

Adrien Newey
Adrian Newey of Oracle Red Bull Racing attends qualifying before the Monaco F1 Grand Prix at the Circuit de Monaco on May 25, 2024 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Mercedes would have made a…

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“(The next race) in Montreal is a bit of an outlier track, but we’re going to add something there, and we’re going to add something for Barcelona – to just try to reduce, keeping in mind there could also be have setbacks.”

Looking ahead, the F1 community eagerly awaits Newey’s decision, which is expected to be announced next week.

Since confirming his exit from Red Bull, Newey has remained coy about what his next move could be and if there will be one. The 65-year-old told former F1 driver and current Sky Sports F1 journalist Martin Brundle that he would take time off to travel with his wife, but that the 2026 regulations could encourage him to return in the F1 paddock. He commented to Brundle during the Miami Grand Prix weekend:

“F1 consumes everything. I’ve been working on it for a long time now.

“2021 was a very busy year due to the close battle with Mercedes, throughout the championship and at the same time, putting all the research on the RB18 (the 2022 car).

“There comes a time when I feel, as Forrest Gump said, ‘I feel a little tired’.”

He continued:

“I think Mandy and my wife and the dogs will go on a trip and get a camper van or something and drive through France and just enjoy life,” Newey said.

“So maybe at some point I’ll stand in the shower and say ‘okay, that’s going to be the next adventure.’

“But as of now, there are no plans.”

Finally, Newey concluded:

“I appreciate the regulation changes, that’s for sure. I would say this current set of regulations is the biggest regulation change we’ve had since 1983 when flat-bottom cars came along.

“I really enjoyed the challenge of all the research and detailed design of this car. These next two cars (after the 2022 car) are evolutions of this car and next year’s car will be the third evolution.”

“It’s been a great series. A series that surprised me at how much was in these cars. When I first looked at these regulations, I wasn’t so sure. C It was fun.”