Does Cheyenne need a recreation center?

Does Cheyenne need a recreation center?

On Friday, we asked our readers and listeners to comment on Facebook what type of business they would like to see in Cheyenne.

Although we received several responses regarding more table service restaurants, a new Costco, and a few other ideas, one theme dominated: we need a rec center!

The problem is that proposals for tax-funded recreation centers have been presented to Cheyenne voters multiple times — and have been rejected each time. The needle has never moved this much in terms of public voting in over a decade. Opponents of a recreation center say the public has spoken clearly and the answer is no

Arguments against a leisure center

Arguments against a recreation center include: It is not the government’s role to fund a leisure center. We already have private gyms, children’s sports leagues and after-school programs. Why do we need to spend more taxpayer money?

It’s too expensive, Cheyenne has other problems we should focus on. Tax-funded facilities should not compete with private companies.

Voters repeatedly said no. No is no. Could we please stop beating this dead horse?

Arguments in favor of a leisure center

Other Wyoming cities, including Casper, Rock Springs, Gillette and others, have recreation centers. Why doesn’t Wyoming’s largest city and state capital do this? There isn’t much for kids to do in Cheyenne, especially in the summer.

Kids who have too much free time get into trouble. Additionally, we should encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and exercise. And a recreation center could fill a niche not offered by private gyms.

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