New York Knicks should consider trades if Julius Randle is not extended

New York Knicks should consider trades if Julius Randle is not extended

The New York Knicks are the closest they have been to elite team status in several seasons. They feel like they’re there, or at least, just a few steps away from being one of the top two teams in the Eastern Conference.

For the Knicks to be a serious contender, they need to have serious players. New York wants to be serious with striker Julius Randle, but negotiations are still far from complete.

If the Knicks and Randle can’t get things going, it will be time to move on. Both sides should strike while the iron is hot to get what they want most.

There are two legitimate trade options for both Knicks to explore. The most crucial goal for the Knicks this offseason is to give them another star alongside point guard Jalen Brunson, which they can accomplish through these potential trades.

One of the biggest questions this offseason is the availability of Los Angeles Clippers guard/forward Paul George.

George has helped the Clippers become a serious contender for the Western Conference title, but the two sides are at serious impasses in terms of what they expect from each other moving forward. George wants the maximum, and the Clippers are not ready to give him that. The Clippers could move on from George to free up salary space and move on from the 213 era which has been good but not great.

George is still playing at a high level and is coming off one of the most efficient shooting seasons of his career. He averaged 22.6 points per game, with a career-high field goal percentage of 47.1 and a career-high three-point shooting percentage of 41.3. The biggest knock on George is his reliability in the playoffs. He averaged 19.6 points in the five games played in the playoffs, the lowest since his third season in the league.

Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau would utilize George’s overall effectiveness on the offensive side of the ball. George would also be a great compliment to Brunson on the field. For the Clippers, they can move on from a disappointing situation, rejuvenate their roster and get a consistent big result, something they have lacked over the past two seasons.

This trade might have to work if the Knicks trade for PJ Tucker and a first-round pick.

Another trade the Knicks should consider is for Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Donovan Mitchell.

Over the past two seasons, Mitchell has played very well, but has been considered an afterthought in terms of star players in the league. Although Mitchell is still playing at a high level, he is not as intense on both sides of the ball as he was with the Utah Jazz. Thibodeau’s plans can have Mitchell playing like a first-team All-Star caliber player for the Knicks. This would also help the Cavaliers as they get another big talent and more pieces.

Michell averaged 28.3 points per game in his first season with Cleveland while having a career-high in field goals, three-pointers and free throws. This season hasn’t been as explosive as other players have been used more. With the Knicks, Thibodeau would use Mitchell to his full potential as he enters his prime at age 28 in September.

The Dallas Mavericks were a prime example of the explosive guard duo’s work in the NBA. Having two explosive guards in Brunson and Mitchell would be an exciting combination to use and would make the Knicks a much more dangerous team to defend.

Like the proposed trade for Paul George, acquiring Donovan Mitchell could be more costly for the Knicks. A first round pick or two could be the answer for Mitchell and a combination of players with Randle. Knicks nation might be begging Mitchell to come after missing his chance two years ago. New York’s front office missed Mitchell, they could try again.