Silent Hill 2 Fans Aren’t So Quiet About New Character Models

Silent Hill 2 Fans Aren’t So Quiet About New Character Models

The remake of Silent Hill 2 arrives in October. However, after last night’s State of Play and Silent Hill Transmission, fans are criticizing the character models in Silent Hill 2.

Video game news site Kotaku has done a great job piecing together the internet’s reaction to characters like James, Angela, and Maria. First, the positives: Many players agree that James is much better than his initial reveal, although some think he’s too much like James now. Resident Evil 4It’s Leon Kennedy. Compare the two images below:

I think James seems a little more untrustworthy, which lends itself to the twist ending.

Next we have the tragic character, Angela. People either like its design or are neutral about it. However, as X user Sarah Miles points out, many bottom feeders complain about her or a man’s appearance:

Finally, we have the character that new players seem to hate the most: Maria. Check out this comparison photo with the original model:

As true fans have pointed out, there’s a reason Maria’s new outfit looks terrible, besides how bland it is.

Spoilers for Silent Hill 2 if you’ve never played the original game, but Maria is a manifestation of James’ imagination. She is a sexy version of his deceased wife, Mary, and a representation of James’ desires for his partner who has deteriorated due to a mysterious illness. Maria’s original design is very important to the game’s narrative, and the folks at the Bloober Team development team seem to have completely missed the nuance with Maria’s redesign. Maybe the original outfit will be DLC.

Personally, I think I’m only rejecting Maria’s new look. James and Angela look good. As my partner pointed out, in the original Silent Hill 2 on PS2, everyone except the heaviest character, Eddy, looks like they have the same face model, so these new models are an improvement. The biggest problems with the Silent Hill 2 remake, in my opinion, are the increased emphasis on combat and the new voice acting. There’s something charming about the original game’s stilted dialogue and the fact that James isn’t a trained fighter, two elements that seem absent here.

Silent Hill 2 will be available on PC and PS5.

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