Baptiste, NY Atlas ready for the new PLL season and its reunion

Baptiste, NY Atlas ready for the new PLL season and its reunion

Time flies when you’re having fun.

“It’s a little crazy. I think we’re already on year seven,” said Trevor Baptiste, faceoff specialist for the New York Atlas. “But it’s exciting. We have a really good group of guys.

What do you want to know

  • UAlbany is home to the Atlas
  • In Denver, Baptiste was a four-time All-American
  • Trevor Baptiste won 77 percent of his faceoffs last season

Or in Baptiste’s case, winning faceoffs.

“With faceoffs, you’re trying to get possessions for your team, trying to get the ball to the offense,” he said. “I think that’s always been my goal. And I think that will continue to be the focus this year.

No player in the Premiere Lacrosse League has had more success at the X than the five-time All-Star. In 2023, Baptiste won 77% of his faceoffs, with a league leading 168 ground balls.

“I think it’s a very quick and short part of the game, but I think there’s a lot of nuance to it,” Baptiste said. “And I think all great faceoff players take pride in perfecting all the little things.”

It’s a craft he’s been perfecting since sixth grade, when he started playing lacrosse. But it wasn’t until high school that he discovered his talent for earning property.

“I like head-to-head competition. I like the physical side,” he said. “So I kind of got into it because we needed someone to take faceoffs on our team, and I’ve kind of stuck with that ever since.”

He then played college lacrosse at Denver, where Baptiste was a four-time All-American. He then played a season in Major League Lacrosse, before moving to the Premiere Lacrosse League and Atlas.

“He’s the king. He’s the best in the world today,” said New York Atlas head coach Mike Pressler. “The good news about the new rule: no sticks at X at least. So this will change things a little.

“We have a good game plan and I think we will adapt and continue to improve as the year goes on,” Baptiste said.

Whatever the challenges of the seventh year in the pros, Baptiste is ready to fight to meet them, just like for possessions during his faceoffs.

The Atlas kicks off a new season with a homecoming at UAlbany this weekend.