Seahawks’ Sam Howell sends message to Geno Smith

Seahawks’ Sam Howell sends message to Geno Smith

New Seattle Seahawks quarterback Sam Howell is well aware of the situation he finds himself in.

Howell – who started all 17 games for the Washington Commanders last season – was acquired for a fourth-round draft pick during the offseason. While Howell certainly has starting experience, he will begin his first season in Seattle as the backup to Geno Smith, who has been the starter the past two seasons.

As the Seahawks continue to go through OTAs, the 23-year-old quarterback wants to make it clear that he is ready to “compete” regardless of the situation.

Via Cameron Van Til of Seattle Sports:

“In this league, to be able to play, you have to compete,” Howell said on Thursday, May 30. “And that’s what I’m willing to do.” Whatever the situation, whatever the starter, I come and compete every day. And Geno was great. I learned a lot from Geno and he is a great player. I have a lot of respect for him and everything he went through in his career, just like the way he always fought and bounced back.

Seahawks GM raves about Sam Howell’s toughness

Although the Seahawks have made it clear that Smith will begin the season as the starter, it’s also clear that the franchise has high hopes for its new young quarterback. Not long ago, Howell nearly led the Commanders to victory over the Seahawks in a 29-26 Week 10 loss. Howell passed for 312 yards and three touchdowns in the loss.

President of football operations/general manager John Schneider praised Howell’s toughness in March at the NFL’s annual meeting.

“He’s a football player, tough, square,” Schneider said. “I think you’ll find him pretty calm, but our game (against Washington), he was super tough, super strong. He’s got a really cool edge…I love the way he plays the game.”

Sam Howell admits turnovers and firings were a problem

The former fifth-round pick had a decent season in his first year as a starter, showing his ability to be prolific. Howell threw for 3,946 yards and scored 26 total touchdowns. However, he struggled seriously with turnovers and sacks, posting the most interceptions (21) and sacks (65) of any quarterback last season.

Howell admits turnovers and sacks were a problem last season; he will look to improve this in the future.

“Sometimes when we were down heavily in some games, I was a little too aggressive just to try to shake things up, to try to get us back in the game,” Howell said. “The turnovers were just too high. … So that’s definitely something I can take away from last year: just playing better football, playing smarter football.

Although Howell won’t enter the season as the starting quarterback like he did last season with the Commanders, all it takes is for Smith to make one mistake for Howell to receive his chance. It should be noted that the Seahawks are playing under a new head coach in Mike Macdonald. Smith’s former coach, Pete Carroll, is no longer involved on the sidelines.

We’ll see how Smith plays as the season begins, but the Seahawks have an insurance option in Howell.