The victory of silence. Brief reflection.

The victory of silence.  Brief reflection.

Dr. Natalio Daitch

Silence in the synagogues.

I’m not going to be new, but it’s a topic that’s always worth dwelling on. Keep silent during services and prayers and avoid talking to your companions about vain and inconsequential things, which always end up disturbing the group and also show a lack of respect for the sacred character of the place.

These are the words of the prophet Moshe to the Hebrew people, when Israel found themselves trapped between the sea in front of them and the Egyptian army behind them. Do not murmur among yourselves, keep silent, and then God will show you victory in a way unthinkable for any human being.

Peace and harmony.

In the book Likutei (collection of discourses) Abraham, by Rab Abraham Wengrower, and in this and other sources such as the Shulchan Aruch itself (code of Jewish laws) and in other sources, he is warned of the conduct that every Jew should have. in the Batei Knesset and the Houses of Study.

Likewise, the Jajamim (sages), the Rabanim and the mekubalim (kabbalists) like the Arizal, were careful not to utter words that had nothing to do with tefilah or prayer.

There are stern warnings from great sages such as Moshe Cordovero and sage Itzjak Azkenazi, against heavy punishments that can be generated as a result of conflicts between Jews during religious service and engaging in behavior that is not acceptable. not consistent with the sacred character of the place. .

We must remember that Satan or the Accusing Angel is always ready to present to Hashem how the Gentiles remain silent in their pagan temples and are in a state of subjugation. On the contrary, it shows certain inconsistencies and bad behavior of certain Yehudim in the different synagogues. They are reformist, conservative and even Orthodox, where modesty and composure are not maintained depending on being in a small temple.

Silence and the Holocaust.

Unfortunately for us, during the last great Jewish Holocaust between 1939 and 1945, there are many stories that connect this terrible misfortune to certain bad behaviors at the time of Tefilah and where speaking at inappropriate times manages to release enormous destructive forces. And even in Nazi films of the time, like “The Eternal Jew” and others, we see Jews talking about monetary matters during prayers.

There is no doubt that our enemies have been very attentive to our inconsistencies, and have taken advantage of them to spread their poison and label us false and hypocrites.


Whether or not the reader agrees with what has been said, we Jews must draw good conclusions from this entire experience and rectify our behavior. We must understand that we are subject to various forces beyond our physical and sensory capabilities. To conclude: “don’t wake the bear”. And follow the words of the faithful pastor, the one who said: “You remain silent and collected, and God will fight for you.”

There is here a condition or clause established between the infinite and the finite. It is an asymmetrical contract or pact, but eternal, so let us make a common effort not to awaken the destroyer.