Fans discover clues about ‘corrected’ Britain’s Got Talent semi-final results

Fans discover clues about ‘corrected’ Britain’s Got Talent semi-final results

Is Britain’s Got Talent a “solution”? Fans convinced semi-final result was rigged

Britain’s Got Talent has sparked outrage from fans who believe the final semi-final of the week was manipulated. The public vote saw comedian Alex Mitchell and magician Trixy advance to the final, leaving viewers in disbelief.

Rigging clues in favor of Trixy

Act on mathematical clues
Trixy’s performance, involving a calculator trick, left the audience mesmerized. By asking the judges to select specific numbers and perform calculations, Trixy amazed everyone. Some fans, however, suspected foul play and accused Trixy of using a pre-recorded act.

Alesha Dixon’s briefs
During Trixy’s number, Alesha Dixon’s performance was inadvertently exposed as being pre-recorded. This slip sparked speculation among viewers, questioning the authenticity of Trixy’s act.

Questionable voting behavior

During the final judging, comedian Alex was directly placed in the final while the judges had to choose between Trixy and blind musicians Denise and Stefan. Alesha’s vote for Trixy was seen as an attempt to “balance” the results, leading other judges to follow suit, ultimately tipping the scales in Trixy’s favor.

Viewers pick up clues from subtitles
An observant portion of the audience noticed that the subtitles synced perfectly with the live dialogue, raising suspicions of a premeditated setup. This anomaly further fueled speculation about the staging of the show.

These alleged fixations on Britain’s Got Talent have angered fans in the past, and the recent controversy surrounding Trixy’s advancement to the final only adds to the list of suspicious incidents in the show’s history.