Complete list of hashed shows

Complete list of hashed shows

NBC has had several cancellations for 2024 and it’s brutal. The network managed to renew some of its 2023-2024 programming, but some shows weren’t so lucky. From the new series Extended family even to veterans like Quantum jumpno show is safe and it’s always difficult to face the truth.

Even though some shows have been completely canceled, Law and order: organized crime was a special case, as he moved to Peacock. It’s still weird to know that the series will no longer be on NBC with the others Law and order watch. There aren’t many shows that have been canceled, but it’s still difficult to deal with. Take a look at the shows that will no longer be on NBC after the 2023-24 season.

“Law and order: organized crime”

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Law and order: organized crime was probably the most surprising “cancellation” on NBC. THE Law and order The spinoff reportedly moved to Peacock after four seasons on the network and was quickly confirmed to be true. There will only be 10 episodes, but without a time limit, that could work in the series’ favor. The only question is how and if franchise crossovers will still happen.

Organized crimeThe final episode of on NBC will air Thursday, May 16 at 10 p.m. ET. All four seasons air on Peacock.

“Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge”

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Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge premiered in May 2023 and sees cars that have special meaning to competitors from their past being transformed into Hot Wheels-style cars. The series ran for 10 episodes last summer, and NBC officially announced its cancellation in March. All episodes are available to stream on Peacock, but will be released on May 30.

“LA fire and rescue”

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Dick Wolf’s latest foray into nonfiction didn’t really work out that well. Los Angeles Fire and Rescue followed the daily emergencies and personal stories of real firefighters, paramedics and rescuers from the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The series premiered in June 2023 and lasted for eight episodes. NBC officially canceled it in March after one season, alongside Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge. All episodes stream on Peacock.

‘Extended family’

Extended Family – Season 1
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The cancellations that hurt the most are the ones where it appears there was barely a chance. Despite Jon Cryer, Donald Faison and Abigail Spencer, it just wasn’t enough. Extended family centered on a couple who went through an amicable divorce and decided to continue raising their children in the family home, taking turns to see who stays with them. Things get even more complicated when the owner of a sports team enters the picture.

The sitcom premiered in December and aired 13 episodes until the end of March. Unfortunately, it had a soft launch and NBC canceled Extended Family earlier this month. All episodes stream on Peacock.

“Quantum Leap”

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Another surprise cancellation was the Quantum jump to restart. The series premiered in 2022, but NBC canceled Quantum jump in April after only two seasons due to ratings. The cancellation came less than a month after the Season 2 finale in March. Both seasons air on Peacock.