Greenfield Recorder – Four Rivers class of 2024 ready to make their mark

Greenfield Recorder – Four Rivers class of 2024 ready to make their mark

GREENFIELD — As 26 graduates of Four Rivers Charter Public School marked the end of their educational journey Saturday afternoon, they were asked a simple question: How will they make a difference in society?

“How will you leave your mark on the world?” Will you be a leader who inspires others? The innovator who brings change? A compassionate person who makes a difference in the lives of those around you? asked school principal and principal Jenni Manfredi. “The choices you make and the paths you take will shape not only your future, but that of our world. »

As they enter this new world of opportunity, Manfredi reminded the graduates that the lessons and skills they learned at Four Rivers can be tools throughout their lives to help them succeed.

“Each of you has the potential to make a lasting impact on the world,” she said. “Think about the values ​​you have adopted here and how you will translate them into your future endeavors… I encourage each of you to seize life’s opportunities, to demonstrate enthusiasm and determination. »

During their six years at Four Rivers, the students have faced more than their fair share of challenges and obstacles, but, said graduate Liam Black, these difficulties have only made them a “group damn resilient young people.”

“The tribulations that marked our high school experience – namely fires, floods, illness and death – are undoubtedly more severe than those that most young people face,” Black said. “Even though these trials left scars, I am convinced that they built our character, strengthened our will and made us steadfast in the face of adversity.”

While Saturday afternoon served to celebrate their achievements, there was also some sadness, as the school remembered student Ursula Snow, who was in seventh grade at Four Rivers when she died in an accident of all-terrain vehicle in 2019. Snow graduated this year and she had the honor of having her own seat and dress next to her classmates. His mother was also present.

“His spirit continues to inspire and guide those who were touched by his kindness and courage,” Manfredi said. “This chair symbolizes her presence among us and reminds us that she is still an integral part of this class.”

The final student speaker, Willa Punches, also paid tribute to her friend.

“As my life continues to move forward, hers is always… I so want to know who she is, instead I wonder what can be truly beautiful sometimes,” Punches said. “What I know for sure is that the 2024 Four Rivers graduation is just as much his as it is ours.”

Punches closed his tribute by reading “These Rare Moments,” a poem written by Snow exploring the times when you truly live in the present.

“In those rare moments, when you are only in the present moment, and not caught in your head, those rare moments. Before, I experienced these moments a lot more, now my brain gives way to new things: homework, projects and strange worries that only a teenager has,” Punches read. “I wish I could recapture those moments. I think everyone should be able to recapture these moments.


Caleb Anthony Richards, Liam Edward Hunter Black, William Burnett Cowie, Alexsandria Renee Curtin-Banks, Isaiah Thomas Goleman, Georgia Blossom Harris-Hendry, Alexander James Hazel, Kya Rose Josephs, Audrey June Kaiser, Phoenix Mast-Lippmann, Atticus Albion Michael Peters , Elias Bodhi Scott Provost, Willa Katherine Punches, Ethan Atticus Sandberg, Gretchen Mike Selva, Alexander Michael Shutta, Sophia Marlee Slade, Aaron Jackson Sliva, Ana Kathleen Smith, Ella Judith Robey Sutton, Tessa Nicholas Tully, Sierra Patch Upton, Delia Joy West , Samuel Cushman Whitney, Stella Penelope Anderson Williford.

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