Bo Nix: Auburn Alum Leads Broncos QB Room in Battle of 2024 NFL Season

Bo Nix: Auburn Alum Leads Broncos QB Room in Battle of 2024 NFL Season

Former Auburn football star Bo Nix is ​​the favorite to start for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 season, leading what has been considered the worst quarterback room in the NFL by James Palmer. The Broncos are evaluating whether Nix, drafted 12th overall, was the right choice for them. Although unproven, Nix could bring more production than QBs on other struggling teams, like the Vikings, Patriots, Commanders and Bears, who are also banking on rookies.

In numbers

  • Nix was the lowest drafted QB in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, going 12th overall.

Yes, but

Nix’s status as a favorite is based on potential rather than proven performance, which can change during the season.

State of play

  • The Denver Broncos are evaluating Bo Nix’s suitability as a starting QB for the 2024 season.
  • Nix is ​​competing with fellow Auburn alum Jarrett Stidham, who is also impressing in OTAs for the starting position.

And after

The 2024 season will determine whether Bo Nix can live up to expectations and validate Denver’s choice to draft him 12th overall.


Bo Nix’s potential to lead the Denver Broncos quarterback room brings both anticipation and uncertainty as the team looks to solidify its position amid competition and high expectations.