5 Safest and Cheapest Cities to Live in Connecticut

5 Safest and Cheapest Cities to Live in Connecticut



Connecticut might be a good state to consider if you’re looking for safety. According to SafeWise, it has the fourth lowest violent crime rate in the United States and one of the lowest property crime rates in the country. Although it sometimes ranks among the most expensive states, there are plenty of places to live in Connecticut without breaking the bank.

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If you’re looking for safe and affordable options in Connecticut, here are five choices to consider.

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Greenwich offers safety and affordability. While Greenwich is known for its above-average housing prices, the website Movoto applies a formula that evaluates the area’s median income to determine whether it is affordable. According to Movoto, “it ranked first, not only overall, but in the individual categories of food cost, utility cost, and miscellaneous costs.”

You will also find low crime rates and good job opportunities with high salaries.


It might be hard to beat Ridgfield for safety in Connecticut; it often ranks as the safest community in the state. According to SafeWise, it reported no violent crimes in 2024.


You can find safety and affordability in Torrington. The average home value here is $259,424, about 35 percent less than Connecticut as a whole, according to Zillow. Torrington also has low rates of violent and property crime, according to SafeWise statistics.


There are so many things to love about Middletown. According to Movoto, it is not only one of the most affordable places in Connecticut, but it also has a low student-to-teacher ratio and low unemployment rate. Since the average home value in the city is $322,131, according to Zillow, it’s one of the most affordable options in the state.


Manchester is a good choice if you like shopping and museums. Along with these options, you’ll find an average home value of $296,740, based on Zillow statistics. That’s about $100,000 less than the average home value of $399,242.

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