‘1000-LB Sisters’ Fans Shocked by Tammy Slaton’s Mental Growth

‘1000-LB Sisters’ Fans Shocked by Tammy Slaton’s Mental Growth

1000lb Sisters Fans are impressed by Tammy Slaton’s physical transformation since beginning her weight loss journey and are sticking with it. However, another aspect that shocks viewers is how much she has also grown mentally since losing weight.

1,000 Pound Sisters: Tammy Slaton was as stubborn as they come

As long as 1000lb Sisters As observers have seen for years, Tammy Slaton was always combative and she was always ready to fight. She was self-destructive both to herself and to those close to her. It was only a matter of time before she found herself in an early grave if she didn’t do something drastic to change course.

1000lb Sisters the scenes are full of instances of Tammy Slaton getting into shouting matches with everyone. Whenever she felt like someone was disrespecting her, she was ready to lash out. She also indulged in binge eating and drinking, which would only worsen her already poor health.

1000lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton1000lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton
1000lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton/YouTube

TLC Celeb Gets New Life Since Slimming Down

Tammy Slaton was the last person most 1000lb Sisters fans always thought they would lose weight and keep it off. To the surprise of everyone who followed the TLC show, Tammy Slaton not only achieved her goals, she completely exceeded them.

After losing over 400 pounds, many 1000lb Sisters fans are now saying that Tammy Slaton lost too much weight and she shouldn’t lose any more.

With all the progress Tammy has made throughout her journey, many of her supporters have a feeling it won’t be long before she can officially undergo skin removal surgery. When that happens, it will be another major milestone for her and another big box to check off.

Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters, from InstagramTammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters, from Instagram
Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters, from Instagram

1,000 Pound Sisters Fans amazed by Tammy’s mental growth

As impressive as Tammy Slaton’s 1000lb Sisters weight loss isn’t the only thing that continues to shock her fans. Many viewers notice Tammy’s complete mental change, alongside her impressive weight loss.

Tammy went from combative to a voice of reason and a source of support for those close to her. These days, when other people are falling into a downward spiral because of their own problems, Tammy has become someone steady to help others right the ship.

It’s a complete change from how Tammy was, and the complete opposite of how she would have approached issues in the past, and viewers are taking note.

1000lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton1000lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton
1000lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton/YouTube
  • A 1000lb Sisters One fan said: “All of a sudden in season 5 she’s literally the only person in the entire family who can level someone up, understand where they’re coming from, reason with them, and even offer solutions . It’s so crazy, it’s like she mentally aged 15 years.
  • Another TLC commenter said, “Near-death experiences change you. »
  • A third TLC fan added: “Someone else said mental health medication works better if you’re not as heavy, that would make sense.” »

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