Corrie legend Ken Barlow’s shocking new storyline revealed

Corrie legend Ken Barlow’s shocking new storyline revealed

CORONATION Street legend Bill Roache is heading for health problems on the ITV soap after his character Ken Barlow fell through the stars.

The cobblestone veteran, 92, who has played Ken for 64 years, will be injured and need the help of a carer, sparking concern from his viewers that this could be the end.

Bill Roache heading for health problems in ITV soap after his character Ken Barlow falls down the stairsCredit: Rex

It comes as Bill – who pockets around £250,000 a year on the show – is currently battling to pay a £500,000 UK tax bill or risk being left bankrupt for a second time.

The storyline also means Bill will be able to increase his income as actors on the ITV soap are paid per episode.

A TV source said: “Ken has always been sharp, so for this to happen to him is heartbreaking.

“He was always known as a ladies’ man and he had so many love interests over the years.

“This will take his breath away.

“Bosses also hope it will shine a light on the plight of older people and the care they need from family members when something like this happens.

“And of course it gives Bill a much-needed lifeline with all his financial problems.

“Bill will spend a lot of time on bed rest over the next few months as Ken struggles to recover from his fall.” »

His case is expected to be heard again in the coming days.

Bill, who owns a mortgage-free home worth £900,000, was previously declared bankrupt in 1999.

Bill Roach’s Coronation Street spotlighted as star faces bankruptcy

In March, the High Court gave him an extra 12 weeks to sell a house to pay the bill, which he ran up by investing in a tax avoidance scheme in the Cayman Islands.

A Coronation Street spokeswoman declined to comment.