Life-saving window: Takshashila fire inspires boy to design ‘life-saving window’ | Surah News

Life-saving window: Takshashila fire inspires boy to design ‘life-saving window’ |  Surah News

Surat: The fire incident at Takshashila Arcade in Surat in May 2019 inspired a Class 9 student to develop a model of an ‘escape window’ that can provide an emergency exit in multi-storey buildings. Jiyansh Patel developed the model with the help of his teacher Chetan Patel. Jiyansh is a student of government primary school in Kherlav village of Valsad district. For his project, he won an award from the Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) program of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Recently his project was chosen to be showcased globally and he will represent India. with other innovative students in Japan soon. “I was shocked when I saw the videos and photos of the Takshashila Arcade fire. Discussing this topic with my science teacher, we decided to work on a project to prevent loss of lives in high-rise buildings,” said Jiyansh. Jiyansh and Chetan started developing the project in 2021. Jiyansh won district and state level events for his innovative project before winning at the national level in 2023. In the project, a grill is installed on a window which descends outside and turns into a ladder. Likewise, the grill on the other floors opens and creates a ladder to descend. In the initial model, the grill was opened manually by pressing a button. Now, in the upgraded model, the grill mechanism becomes operational thanks to a fire and smoke sensor. “The grill will fall to the exterior, creating space to exit the fire affected area. The grill then becomes a ladder on which one can stand and slowly descend through the ladder. This can also work in a high-rise building,” Chetan said. “This will give people time until rescue and fire crews arrive.” Jiyansh wants to study engineering so that he can further improve this model and make it a reality. “I will study engineering and continue working on the project. This model can be installed in any building,” said Jiyansh.

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