Best Gaming Headphones in India 2024

Best Gaming Headphones in India 2024

This one is the most affordable gaming earphone that offers low latency of up to 40ms, delivers rich and immersive sound with an 11mm driver, and comes with a lightweight and ergonomic design.

Main features or specifications

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.3

  • Battery life: Up to 40 hours

  • Audio functionality: 11mm driver

  • Call function: Quad microphone with ENC

  • Water resistance level: Waterproof

  • Type of control: Media control

  • A special function: Ultra low latency (up to 40 ms), Instacharge (10 min = 120 min)

  • Weight and fit: 50 grams, in-ear


  • Long playtime up to 40 hours for extended use.

  • Ultra-low latency gaming experience with up to 40ms latency.

  • Powerful sound experience with 11mm driver.

  • Fast charging function with Instacharge (10 min = 120 min).

The inconvenients:

Insights from our product testing specialist

With these headphones, you can clearly hear every detail of in-game audio and stay perfectly in sync with your teammates, allowing you to react quickly to in-game events.

You should buy this product if you are looking for

  • Comfortable fit with a lightweight, ergonomic design.

  • Water resistant construction suitable for various conditions.

  • Long battery life and fast charging.

Relevant user story

“The noise-canceling technology is incredibly effective, blocking out background noise so I can fully immerse myself in my music or podcasts. The sound quality is superb, with rich bass and crisp highs, providing an unrivaled listening experience.

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These are the best-selling gaming headphones available in india. Now is the time to decide based on your preferences and budget. Our selection is unbiased, backed by extensive research and user reviews.

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1. Do gaming headphones have built-in microphones

Yes, gaming headphones often offer built-in microphones for features like in-game communication and voice chat.

2. Do these headphones work with game consoles?

Whether or not the selected headphones work with your gaming console will depend on compatibility with the console’s Bluetooth or audio connectivity standards.

3. What features should I look for in the best gaming headphones?

When looking for the best gaming headphones, consider features like low latency for real-time audio feedback, good sound quality for immersive gaming, noise cancellation to block out distractions, comfortable and secure fit for long gaming sessions and durability for long-lasting performance.

4. How important is low latency in gaming headphones?

The low latency feature of gaming headphones is a must-have feature because it reduces the delay between audio signals and their playback, ensuring that in-game audio closely aligns with on-screen actions. This synchronization is essential to delivering an immersive gaming experience and maintaining a competitive advantage, especially in fast-paced games where split-second reactions count.

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