Piper Niven names another WWE star who inspires her

Piper Niven names another WWE star who inspires her

Piper Niven names another WWE star who inspires herPiper Niven names another WWE star who inspires her


Ahead of her big title match at WWE Clash at the Castle, Piper Niven shared which other WWE star inspired her.

Although they are currently tag team partners, according to Piper Niven, she has been inspired by Chelsea Green for years.

Speaking to PWInsider, Piper Niven said:

“Honestly, every day with (Chelsea) is so much fun, she’s such a hilarious person and I can honestly say there’s absolutely no way to understand anything, like we’re constantly moving to the gradually.

“Most of the promotions and everything we say, we just say, ‘I guess we’ll see what comes out.’ There’s not really a lot of thought put into anything. She is awesome. Honestly, she was a real inspiration to me because we spent a lot of time together in Japan.

“When we were together in Japan, she was actively trying to get drafted and picked up by WWE and she kept getting a lot of no’s and Chelsea doesn’t take no for an answer. She doesn’t hear no, she hears “not now” or “find another way.”

“For me it was inspiring because it would have been a huge blow to my confidence. And upon seeing it, she would literally hang up the phone and say, “Okay, thanks for your time,” and then open up a laptop and start emailing someone else about another opportunity . She just knocked on doors and knocked on doors and knocked on doors until one of them opened. And that inspired me a lot to not stop just because someone tells you no.

“And so that’s something that I think she taught me that I’ve always carried with me and she’s proven that throughout her career, she’s done everything she can. She was on Tough Enough and she thought it was going to be the break at that point and it didn’t really work out. Then she got picked up at NXT and it didn’t really work out.

“Now she’s back and she’s on the path to her career and every single thing that’s presented to her, she knocks it out of the park and it’s just a testament to her work ethic and the great person that she is and that she deserves.

WWE’s premium live event, Clash at the Castle, takes place on Saturday, June 15 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Although Piper Niven will undoubtedly have the support of the crowd and Chelsea Green at the event, she faces a formidable opponent.

Piper Niven will face Bayley for the WWE Women’s Championship at Clash at the Castle.

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