The Most Disney-Inspired Baby Name in New Jersey

The Most Disney-Inspired Baby Name in New Jersey

If you’re having a baby or planning to have one in New Jersey right now, you want to make sure your baby’s name isn’t basic, right? We always see these long lists of the most popular baby names in each state and it gives a good overview of what’s trending right now.

A new map has just been released of the top baby names across the country, but not just any baby names. These are Disney themed baby names.

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We all know those adults who are a little too obsessed with Disney World and Mickey Mouse, but honestly, can you blame them? It is the most magical place on earth after all.

Plus, Disney princesses have some of the most magical names ever, so it’s only natural that many girl moms take this route when choosing the perfect name for their little ones.

The New York Post released a map of the most common Disney-themed baby names across the country and the results are a little shocking!

What is the most Disney inspired baby name in New Jersey in 2024?

According to this map, Ariel, as in The Little Mermaid, is the most Disney-inspired name in New Jersey. I’ve encountered 2 Ariels in my life, so I’d go out on a limb to say that this card is pretty accurate.

Looking at this map, it appears that Ariel also ranks highest among most of the 50 states when it comes to Disney-inspired baby names. Someone needs to tell Disney adults that there are other princess names!

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