Hyderabad Girls’ Shocking Drug Dealing Tricks

Hyderabad Girls’ Shocking Drug Dealing Tricks

A few months ago, a disturbing video went viral on social media showing a young woman screaming under the influence of drugs during a police raid on a lodge.

The investigation revealed that the once brilliant student had fallen into the clutches of drug traffickers who used her as a conduit for their drug trafficking.

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Young women, influenced by their peers and facing financial difficulties, are increasingly attracted to drug trafficking. Deceptive agents promise them safe passage through police checks, trapping them in a perilous web of deception.

For example, a recent engineering graduate from Nellore moved to Hyderabad at the request of friends, only to find himself trapped in illegal drug activities.

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Desperate, she bought marijuana from Dhoolpet, where she was apprehended by the excise police.

Similarly, a woman from Musheerabad, overwhelmed by the pressures of life and sleepless nights, discovered LSD tablets through an Instagram contact.

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They traveled together through Goa, Mumbai and Bengaluru, where he exploited her vulnerability by involving her in drug trafficking.

Authorities eventually arrested them with drugs worth Rs 1,00,000, highlighting the worrying increase in the exploitation of vulnerable women in drug-related crimes.

Recent police interrogations have revealed shocking revelations, including that of a young woman forced to distribute drugs through the exploitation of compromising videos and photos taken while she was intoxicated. Additionally, it was revealed that a trainer she met at the gym introduced her to MDMA under the guise of protein supplements.

Police data reveals that almost 40 out of 100 female drug victims cite financial difficulties and family problems as motivating factors.

This epidemic has infiltrated schools, workplaces and social media, increasingly targeting women.

Nigerian smugglers and international traffickers exploit girls’ vulnerabilities by hiding drugs in everyday items such as cosmetics and laundry detergents. They also use private vehicles and buses to evade detection during transport.