Celtics fans brave heat to meet Al Horford as Boston prepares for parade

Celtics fans brave heat to meet Al Horford as Boston prepares for parade

BOSTON – As Boston puts the finishing touches on the Celtics parade route, it was a fan frenzy along Boylston Street as Al Horford stopped traffic while waving to a crowd of fans outside Raising Cane’s.

“It’s the kind of thing we dream about.”

“The energy is unbelievable. I’m just grateful. These are the kinds of things you dream of, being in this position right now, I feel pretty grateful,” Horford told WBZ-TV.

The line stretched through Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood as temperatures climbed into the mid-90s. Some waited for hours in the sun for the chance to meet Horford.

“I would have waited all night for this,” Celtics fan Brianna DeNucci said. “We’ve been waiting 16 years for another championship.”

The exhaustion and unwavering loyalty were not lost on Horford, who wore Raising Cane gear and even called customers.

“I’m just very proud to bring a championship to Boston,” he said. “It took a lot of work and a lot of tough losses…to get to this point.”

Horford added that he was excited about Friday’s championship parade through the streets of Boston.

Businesses along the parade route prepare to welcome the crowds

Businesses near TD Garden are ready to accommodate the influx of customers.

“They’re talking about at least a million people arriving in the city, so you can see the preparations happening in the streets right now,” said Dwight Hoover of Banners Kitchen and Tap.

Barricades are being erected around the town and security will no doubt be increased as the canoes roll down Causeway Street.

Hoover is just glad the parade starts in the morning and not in the evening, when the party might get rowdy.

“I think it will be a party, which is great, it will be during the day, with a lot more families, a lot more kids.”

Finally, a championship celebration in Boston. A fan brings the hype and enthusiasm.

“NOTE THE DUCK BOATS,” shouted Alex Occhipinski. “LET’S GOOOOO!”