6 Amazing Games We Can’t Stop Playing

6 Amazing Games We Can’t Stop Playing

Play it on: Xbox Series X/S, Windows (Steam Deck: YMMV)
Current objective: Set up the perfect survival experience

See? I fucking told you it was going to happen. Star Fieldwith his new game options And cool mods finally allows me to refine and adapt this massive space sim into something incredible.

Recently, I decided to do everything I could to become Star Field in a massif and rich in panoramas, offline, soloa survival experience perfect for those evenings when I turn off my phone, look at no other screen, and wander the galaxy listen to SomaFM’s Drone Zone.

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I haven’t found the perfect experience yet, but I’m getting close. So far I have enabled all survival and sustenance settings, and combined them with those from SKK Mods. New SKK Quick Start Game. This mod not only lets you skip the entire opening mining sequence, but you can even choose a different city to start with or have it sent to a random planet. In my last new game, this caused me to spawn near The Lock, of all lost places, in the Kryx system. Yeah, that’s the one that belongs to the pirates. My attempt to check out the lock (an abandoned prison) saw hordes of scary things coming out of the ground to chase me back to my ship. I then had to suck it up and launch into orbit where the Crimson Fleet was waiting to start shooting at me. Since I was level one, nowhere near being able to take on that many ships, I diverted all the energy to my grav engine and jumped on Akila.

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This kind of random, emergent gameplay scenario, I think, is what will really be the future of Star Field. With so many planets and systems existing, the right combination of updates and mods could really take this game to the heights it deserves and should have reached from day one.

And yes, I know, I know. You may be saying, just download No Man’s Sky, Claire Rose. But look. I really tried with NMS and I will definitely try again soon, but I really prefer Star Fieldis a more realistic aesthetic than the kind of plastic Chuck E. Cheese styles of NMS. But yes, I will return to this galaxy soon enough to see if my opinions have changed.

And that concludes our picks for the weekend. Hope you stay cool and enjoy some great games too!