385 motorists arrested for drunk driving in Hyderabad

385 motorists arrested for drunk driving in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad police in Telangana apprehended 385 motorists for drunken driving during a mass drive.

Drunk driving tests were conducted on Saturday evening at various locations within the limits of Cyberabad police station.

As many as 182 offenders were arrested in the IT corridor alone. Police said all those arrested would be produced in court.

Among those apprehended were 292 cyclists, 80 people driving four-wheeled vehicles, 11 people driving three-wheeled vehicles and two drivers of heavy vehicles.

Four offenders were arrested with the highest blood alcohol content (BAC) of 550 mg/100 ml.

If anyone drives under the influence of alcohol and causes accidents killing people, that person will be arrested and sent to jail under IPC Section 304 Part II (culpable homicide not amounting to to murder), for which the maximum sentence is 10 years in prison. , said the police.

Cyberabad Police conducted a special drive for a second consecutive weekend.

In a similar operation on the night of June 15, the Cyberabad traffic police apprehended over 349 people for drunken driving.

A total of 253 two-wheeler drivers, 16 three-wheeler drivers, 74 four-wheeler drivers and 6 heavy vehicle drivers were arrested during driving under the influence (DUI) checks.

Cyberabad Joint Commissioner of Police D. Joel Davis said drunk driving and unauthorized driving have been the leading causes of road accidents and deaths in Cyberabad.

With the increasing number of road accidents due to drunk driving, the police have started taking strict action against such drivers.

People who knowingly allow or accompany drunk drivers are also prosecuted for complicity in these crimes.

Meanwhile, Cyberabad Traffic Police (CTP) also registered 22 FIRs against 114 vehicles for wrong-way driving at various places in Cyberabad on June 22.

Police said they were continuing their efforts to combat the dangerous practice of wrong-way driving. As of June 22, the CTP had registered a total of 122 FIRs and apprehended 631 vehicles for wrong-way driving offences.

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