Kourtney Kardashian shared a postpartum body positivity message

Kourtney Kardashian shared a postpartum body positivity message

Kourtney Kardashian Barker has an impressive list of talents — whether it’s a reality TV icon, a wellness entrepreneur (her brands Poosh and Lemme will live in our heads forever), or a style leader.

However, after the birth of her fourth child (and first child with husband Travis Barker), Kourt emerged with a renewed and important purpose as a body-positive queen. Over the past few months, she’s expanded conversations about the postpartum body and taken time to celebrate her own post-pregnancy body journey.

In April, in response to low-key trolls shading her appearance in a beach photo posted by her sister Kim Kardashian, Kourt jumped into the comments to deliver a much-needed lesson in body positivity. “I LOVE this body that gave me my three babies and my little boy,” she replied.

In another instance, she shared her story about practicing kindness during her postpartum journey.

In her story, she explained that the human body is beautiful “during pregnancy when we glow and grow” and “after childbirth when we heal and shrink”, noting that this is the time she finds the most difficult , “for our bodies are still adjusting”.

Now Kourt is back! On her IG story, she reposted a relevant meme from the official Poosh Instagram page.

Set against the backdrop of a vintage, aesthetically pleasing photo of a woman standing on a scale, the meme was adorned with curly writing bearing the message; “I finally reached my goal weight from Don’t Fucking Care.”

The bottom line of the meme hammered home the message while reading; “My body is the least interesting thing about me.”

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It’s a message we can wholeheartedly agree with and it looks like Kourt does too! Not only did she repost the meme on her story, but she also added the word “mood” complete with a heart and hands emoji.

We love our body positive queen!

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