‘Danger!’ Fans furious over latest clue mistake

‘Danger!’  Fans furious over latest clue mistake

Danger! is one of the few competition shows that relies on brains rather than brawn. However, every now and then the series drops the ball. Fans were recently furious over a specific instance like this. So what happened with this situation?

Danger! It’s all about testing your knowledge

When most people think of game shows and other reality shows, most today test things like physical strength, endurance, or any other aspect related to surviving other opponents. On the other hand, Jeopardy! is one of the few games that rewards knowledge.

Danger! Participants must definitely survive the competition and beat everyone else to win the crown. However, it all comes down to knowledge, and whether a person’s intelligence is enough to eliminate the competition. In this aspect, Jeopardy! is one of the most unique shows ever.

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