5th Generation Boy Band Member Reportedly Caught Drinking With Girls

FANTASY BOYSSungmin was recently caught drinking with girls. An account on X posted incriminating photos of his drinking session, with one photo uploaded by one of the girls. We could see him posing in front of the camera. Although his face is slightly obscured, fans claimed to recognize him by his blond hair.

| @ravvxco/X

In other photos, a girl can be seen leaning on him, allegedly drunk. The photos are captioned with “Wow, straight (couples) parties in front and behind me. I’m screwed,” as well as “Is it possible for 8 people to drink 30 bottles?»

| @ravvxco/X

The account that accused him of this situation also mentioned his alleged past when he was a minor, referring to “bad habits.

Screenshot 05/07/2024 at 9:33.35 p.m.

If you had a conscience, when this affair exploded, you should have pulled yourself together. I can’t believe you’re doing the same thing, unable to change your ways when you were a minor.

— ravvxco

Some fans criticized his behavior.

If you love playing so much, keep doing it. Why did you try to enter the industry and pretend to be so desperate on the survival show? You’re just ridiculing really desperate kids.

— udadadabi

Others simply didn’t know who he was.

Huh, Nugu.

— tmourtry1

Sungmin was born in 2004, meaning he reached legal age in 2023. The accusatory tweet has since been viewed more than 7 million times.

This isn’t the first time a FANTASY BOYS member has been caught up in a scandal. Previously, member Minséo was caught going to a club right after a fansign and music show.

5th Generation Boy Band Member Reportedly Caught At Club Right After Fan Signing