Fishface: Central Mass Metallic Hardcore Band Delivers Brutal Music With A Challenging Message | Features

Fishface: Central Mass Metallic Hardcore Band Delivers Brutal Music With A Challenging Message |  Features

Photo: Todd Follet

Hardcore in Massachusetts is all encompassing, there isn’t a part of the state where you won’t find a place that contributes to its culture, which is why I’ve always considered this scene to be the true sound of Boston . No one will ever admit it, but our most realized and communal music scene is hardcore.

A great example of this community aspect across our state is Fishface, proudly from Central Mass. Fishface started shortly after the pandemic and has now earned his stripes within the scene, having performed alongside major acts such as Street Power, Wisdom & War and Hard Target.

Central Mass in the post-pandemic scene saw a huge revival as bands started popping up following the easing of restrictions and each seemed to attempt their own distinct style. Fishface debuted in 2022 with a sound influenced by beatdown and slam but also with an ear for 2000s hardcore.

“In the beginning we were definitely heavily influenced by bands like Sunami and Enemy Mind, but over the years we’re sort of adopting a new sound similar to bands like Incendiary and Gridiron. We’re taking a more traditional hardcore approach while still keeping the little beatdown we have,” explains singer Yvonne. “We listened to a lot of Soul Search and a lot of old MVHC bands like Rude Awakening, Hammer Bros and Think Again.”

Fishface’s latest release is a 7-track beast called The Renaissancearrived at the end of 2023:

But let’s go back a little. Fishface’s debut was as hardcore as it gets here. Their first gig took place under a bridge in Worcester due to the DIY nature of the Central Mass scene. Post-pandemic Worcester has seen a huge resurgence with bands like Wisdom & War, Shortest Life and Blood Tithe leading the way. Fishface fits those bills with his knuckle-dragging style.

Shortly after their debut, they released their first EP, What a beautiful family, presenting their take on the beatdown genre. Blending Yvonne’s shouted and screaming vocals over pounding beats, while using lyrics that demand audience participation, Fishface quickly earned the respect of the Central Mass and Boston scenes. From there, the band continued to develop their skills through countless gigs throughout New England.

Photo: Madyson Coburn

On The RenaissanceFishface displays his Hammer Bros influenced sound as the riffs were just as thick and vicious as those of the classic. The children are dead album. With layered riffs and Yvonne’s ability to switch between shouted and even shouted vocalizations The Renaissance seems to be the record where Fishface really finds his form. Despite the dark and brooding atmosphere the EP exudes, Yvonne’s lyrics speak hope to listeners, showing that even in the darkest of times, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Speaking about her lyrics, Yvonne said: “Usually when I write it’s just about things I’ve experienced or am experiencing, things I’ve never been able to say, lessons I learned. Life can be strange and also very unfair, only if you let it. Suck it up and own that shit, get what you want, and never settle for anything until you’re happy. Everyone has a sad story, but how are you going to improve yours if you don’t even try. It’s kind of like shitty music. »

Photo: Madyson Coburn

The camaraderie of the Central Mass scene is particularly notable for its diversity and inclusion thanks to bands like Fishface and Wisdom & War. As the leader of a male-dominated hardcore scene, Yvonne tackles all facets of Fishface with this pride, asserting her own dominance over such stigmas. Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of women coming to shows and Fishface defends this inclusion in the scene stating:

“One of our main messages is definitely female empowerment and not taking any bullshit, but another one of our goals is for people to understand that hardcore isn’t what they see on Tik Tok. Hardcore is real and in person it defends your friends and family.

After wrapping up a mini tour that took them to Philadelphia alongside Chicago slammers Dizeaze, Fishface is currently working on their next EP which will be released this summer. With the range of influences they listed previously as well as the brutality they inflicted The Renaissanceyou should expect their next release to be a very good time.

“We have a few races planned this year, including one out west and we’ll definitely be heading back down south. We have merch at the moment, you can buy a shirt at a concert or through our Instagram page, after this EP we had a split which we are doing with the friends from Damage Control.

Fishface also announced that he will be playing the New Hampshire Hardcore Fest in June alongside a band-heavy lineup. They will also perform concerts in Revere, Massachusetts and New Hampshire in May and June, respectively. For now, be on the lookout for Fishface’s new EP releasing soon and follow their social media for all updates on shows, tours and merch.

Fishface would like to shout: Lumpy, Dizeaze, Gumskab, Sophisticated Adult, Jackal, Wisdom & War, Xtinguish The Code, Beast From the East, Louzy, The World, Street Power, Risk, Move BHC, Hate Still Burns, Hard Target, Two Piece , Alley Trash, Fleshgate, Damage Control, Hate5six, Clock Out and Multiple Pieces.

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