Shock or mockery? ESCBubble reviews the most shocking camp opening ceremony ever! – ESCBubble

Shock or mockery?  ESCBubble reviews the most shocking camp opening ceremony ever!  – ESCBubble

A girl with a spiked outfit, a man with socks and sandals and a man in a dress enter the Eurovision opening ceremony hall. This is not the start of a joke but only a glimpse of the madness that took place yesterday in Malmö on the Turquoise carpet.
If I had to describe the outfits from yesterday’s event in one word, I would definitely choose “camp.”
I took a look back at the outfits we’ve seen at previous opening ceremonies and was shocked to see how low the style standard is this year compared to previous editions. We always had better and worse outfits. Some memorable and some completely forgettable. But never in the history of competition do I remember so many outfits and so little style. Do not mistake yourself. Eurovision is THE place to do every kind of crazy thing imaginable. Yet when it came to the look, something wasn’t working.
Therefore, this year, “Shock or Mock” ​​will focus on strange outfits. Outfits that made me raise an eyebrow, question myself, and sometimes even want to bang my head against the wall.


Finland aims to make it as ridiculous a camp as possible this year in terms of appearance. The same outfit is used again and again, on stage and on the red carpet. The same goes for the denim egg. If it didn’t feel like the cheap replica of Lady Gaga’s 2011 Grammy red carpet appearance, where she came sitting in an egg, maybe it could have been something refreshing. But that just wasn’t it. I also think that choosing this outfit as the outfit for the ESC opening ceremony is a lack of respect in itself.


I remember waiting every year for the Maltese artists to appear on the carpet, not because their outfits were always the most beautiful fashion creations, but because they were generally beautiful. This year, that was not the case. The spikes throughout the outfit as well as the hat and bag make it look more like something one would wear to a Halloween party rather than such an event. The whole thing seems uncomfortable and disturbing to see.


The case of Australia is a little different. I wouldn’t wear any of these outfits by choice simply because it’s not my style. But the engravings fascinated me. Both outfits look great. The prints make them much more lively and bring a little touch of common sense to this pile of weird and unusual outfits.


Austria is a good example of how to dress for an opening ceremony or almost any red carpet event without being boring and still managing to stand out in just the right way. The dress with the exaggerated shoulder pads and the neckline revealed but not too revealed as well as the choice of fabric make this dress a superb piece which could have stood out in other editions of the competition and which will always remain memorable for good reasons.


The first thing I thought of when I saw Czechia was that it looks like a bride and her 4 bridesmaids but in different colors. I loved all the dresses one by one. Aiko’s dress was perfectly suited to the event. The backup singers also had excellent choices. Especially the fact that all the dresses were made from the same fabric and yet so different, made the challenge of designing such outfits result in some stunning creations.


Did someone summon a devil or something? We all know by now that Bambie Thug is not a Chanel suit and Birkin bag type of girl. She’s also not a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. But this outfit seems artistic on one hand with a look that makes her look like some sort of sea creature. Still, I find that her corset closes so low and the dress almost makes her behind slightly visible, something a little provocative for no reason. Especially not on the turquoise esc carpet.

The Netherlands

Ah, the Netherlands. What have you done? Do not mistake yourself. I own a blue suit myself. But mine doesn’t have exaggerated shoulder pads that help with anything. Also, mine came with pants and not a skirt but that’s another topic. And then the vest with the EU flag and the EU tie for the blue bird. It all looks so cheap and cringy that I just can’t. I sincerely believe that after such fashion choices, the EBU should implement a dress code for future editions before anyone comes in pajamas or just underwear and a tank top.


Switzerland had the most perfect outfit! But not for such an event. This mixture of a dress, a kimono, a blanket and a fishnet might be suitable for costume parties, but certainly not for an event of this magnitude. Want to make an appearance that no one will ever forget? No problem. Make sure you are remembered for the right reasons.


I will divide the Albanian look into two parts. The black dress and the white cape and skirt. The dress is fantastic. It’s modern, cut in all the right places, revealing but not too revealing. The white skirt adds another dimension that doesn’t detract from the overall look. But then the cape looks like melted whipped cream all over the top of the dress and I doubt how I actually feel about that. Overall, the look is nice. It’s not my choice for such events, but it does its job perfectly.


Knowing who is behind Eden’s dress, I was just waiting to see what she would wear to the opening ceremony and I couldn’t be sadder when I learned that Israel would not be making it to the opening ceremony. opening ceremony. However, I can assure you all that Eden could have been the best dressed if she had appeared on the carpet. The skeleton-shaped corset and white skirt make Eden look like a mythological creature. I could never get tired of this dress.

What do you think of the participants’ outfits? Let us know in the comments below!


Eden Golan: Eran Levi for Maariv TMI

Ireland: Alma-Bengtsson for the EBU

Rest of the participants: Cain Cooper for ESCBubble