New Zs, old Zs, who cares? This meeting in Arizona was pure joy Nissan

Owners from across the country with cars of all generations showed up at Bartlett Lake

    New Zs, old Zs, who cares?  This meeting in Arizona was pure joy Nissan

  • Nissan Z car owners from all generations united in their passion recently gathered in Arizona.
  • The event proved that despite cultural differences, a high-performance car can bring people together.
  • The promoter asked several Z owners about their love for the model.

The Nissan Z has long been an accessible performance car for enthusiasts, at least when greedy dealers and flippers aren’t spoiling the fun for the rest of us. Over the years, it has transformed and adapted to the times. Today, more than 50 years after its introduction, owners from all those years gathered in Arizona to celebrate these cars. That passion is clearly visible in this pair of videos from the event.

Organized by Nick Loves Nissan, NISMO MO USA, ZCCA and Z1 Motorsports, the rally took place in Bartlett Lake, Arizona. The 2,830-acre reservoir provided a stunning backdrop for the plethora of Z cars in almost every shade and color imaginable. The owners met on the morning of April 7th and the weather was absolutely perfect.

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Nearly 100 Z cars took part in the event dubbed “Z Holiday” by Nismo Nick. The stories behind these cars contribute to their reputation. One owner brought in his 50th anniversary 370Z, one of only 36 in the United States. “Z means everything to me,” he says, “everyone has a Z story.”

Another woman brought her 1989 300ZX to the appointment, revealing, “I actually have three others at home.” A man showed off his wife’s car at the event: a stunning 1972 240Z prepped for the track. And when he says it’s for the track, he really means it. It sports an LS3 V8 under the hood, a six-speed manual gearbox, a custom body kit and a spoiler that would put a new Civic Type R to shame.

Many of these owners talk about how long they’ve owned their sports coupe or, at the very least, how long they’ve been obsessed with it. Many have owned their Z car for decades, while others have bought and sold various models over the years. One enthusiast mentions that he has been driving the same 1972 Z for 53 years.

On the other hand, a few are newcomers to the clan. A host of new Nissan Z cars have appeared, including a few of the Proto Spec variety. If there’s anything we can all take away from this celebration, it’s that we can all come together under the banner of performance and enthusiasm for automobiles.

Image Credit: Nick Loves Nissan