Bill Maher says he’s ready to quit stand-up after new special

Bill Maher

Ready to quit stand-up comedy…

I want to do other stupid things!!!

Bill Maher says he’s ready to drop the mic and step away from stand-up for good — and that’s because he says he wants to pursue other projects… including more podcasts.

The “Real Time” host recently cut the song with Jerry Seinfeld on his ‘Random club‘ podcast — and they started discussing the possibility of Bill hanging it on stage…namely, giving up telling jokes in front of a crowd under the spotlight.

As Bill explains… he loves this job and has been doing it for years – but, like anything, you have to keep practicing to be good… and it looks like BM is a little tired.

He says he has one more comedy special on HBO at the end of this year…and after that he’s mulling over the idea of ​​quitting…something you can see, Jerry is somewhat dismayed ‘learn as he reacts in shock.

Not only is the dedication and time required part of Bill’s decision… but he says he just wants to do other things – like hosting a live podcast show in front of an audience, which has become a popular phenomenon these days .

It looks like he’s not going anywhere when it comes to his TV work – he’s not giving that up anytime soon – but when it comes to just doing live material in a club somewhere… .Bill says he could just leave. he behind. That would be huge…he’s been in the game for decades now.

On the other hand… Bill says he reserves the right to change his mind and go back to it if he wants. He says it might be like cutting off a limb – basically you realize you miss it when it’s gone… so it’s all just hypothetical for now.

Either way, it would be the end of the comedy era if that happened…but luckily we can still get a good dose of Bill elsewhere if he retires from stand-up. The guy is everywhere now.