CMAT has released a new track inspired by an Emily In Paris type situation – check out “Aw, Shoot!”

CMAT released a new single.

“Oh, shoot!” » follows the release of his second album, “Crazymad, For Me”, which arrived last October via AWAL.

She says of the track: “So there I was, in Paris, France, in a rented apartment. I was trying to write songs but it wasn’t going very well at all. I was drinking three bottles of wine a day (Côte du Provence) and I had no human contact for maybe two weeks, and I was going a little crazy, voices in my head etc etc.

“One evening there was a knock on the door. Who could it possibly be?! I opened the door and found an American woman who said the following: “Oh! You are not my friend! then turned and walked away. Turns out she mixed the floors, American system versus European flooring system. This was actually a key plot point in my favorite TV show, Emily in Paris.

“And then? Well, I definitely lost my mind. But the good thing is, I got a good kick out of it!”

Check out the new single below.